The Gentlemen – Creative Brief Winners

In December 2019 we launched our Creative Brief for Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen and wow what a response! Over 200 submissions were entered. The brief, which called for artwork that would eventually be displayed on a wall in LA or NYC offered a prize pool of $6000 to be split between two winners.

On 27th December, Guy Ritchie shared the winners via twitter and Instagram!

The two winners are Nick Charge and PL Boucher who will each receive $3000 and have their work displayed on a wall in NYC or LA.


Winning entry by Nick Charge

I was so thrilled to be named one of the winners of Poster Spy’s creative brief for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film The Gentlemen. The brief called for iconic designs that would translate well to being painted on two walls – one in LA and the other in NYC. I went for a bright comic book feel for my piece, trying to come up with an image that had some pop and would hopefully turn some heads. This brief had so many fantastic entries that it came as a huge surprise when STX Entertainment contacted me to say I was in contention for the LA wall. Then to have Guy Ritchie himself announce the winners online – and I was one of them! Super exciting stuff!


Winning entry by PL Boucher

I very much enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a striking, abstract concept for the artwork of Guy Ritchie’s recent film. The obvious idea would be to feature the incredible cast front and center (with good reason!), but the suggested guidelines for the brief helped me explore a different approach. It was very interesting creatively to come up with imagery that would fit the unmistakable style of Guy Ritchie: classy, memorable and irreverent. Having the man himself announce the selected creators on Twitter was just the cherry on top.


We want to thank all the artists who took part and submitted their work, the brief which called for more “minimalist” and “iconic” artwork really forced creatives to think out the box and explore non conventional poster art illustration and it was great to see all the new styles people worked in.

See all the entries to the brief

The Gentlemen is in Theaters January 24th. Tickets on sale now.

Jack Woodhams

Founder of PosterSpy.