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PosterSpy is on a global mission to unite poster artists on a website that feels fun, familiar and safe. We work with great companies to bring exclusive opportunities to our members and we strive to provide the best pop culture eye candy on the web. 

Why did we set up PosterSpy?

We understood that poster design was on a huge increase, whether it’s design for movie posters, video games or even events posters. As hardware and software is getting better, more artists are finding new and exciting ways to showcase their skills and talents through the world of poster design. But what we found was that lots of portfolio based community websites were very over saturated with different kinds of media, and a lot of the time poster design gets overlooked and we want that to change.




The Team

Jack Woodhams


Jack is a Graphic Designer who founded PosterSpy in 2013 in the hopes of bringing together creators of alternative posters from all around the world. Today Poster Spy is one of the web’s most visited websites for alternative poster artwork.

Ciprian Popescu

Lead Developer

Ciprian is a web developer, (mostly) back-end and front-end developer with over 20 years of professional experience in the web industry (web design, UI/UX analysis and design, PHP/MySQL web applications, static and dynamic mobile app applications and project management).


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