Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Creatives – Xmas 2019

Here is a list of last minute Christmas gifts you might consider for an artist/design lover. (I mean, it’s all stuff I would want, so I’m just assuming that this is a pretty solid collection of goodies). All are available on Amazon Prime if you’re in a rush!

These are listed in no particular order of importance mind you …

IPAD PRO 12.9”  from £969

When the iPad Pro debuted back on November 11, of 2015, it took me all of 8 days to decide to make the plunge and buy it. I can’t tell you how much it has changed the world of illustration for me and I can’t wait to get my hands on the 3rd generation and see how much it’s changed. Seriously, out of anything on the list, this would be my first “go-to” option for anyone looking to up their game in digital illustration.


If you’re looking to be a professional right out the gate, then look no further than the Wacom brand. It was and probably still is the MUST HAVE brand name if you’re into doing any kind of professional digital illustration/artwork and the Mobile Studio Pro gives you everything that a CINTIQ would give you but without being hooked up to a computer. If money isn’t part of the decision then you may give this a look.


Now, back in 2000, when I was at Purdue University studying Graphic Design, the one thing I couldn’t wait to get my hands on was a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet. Now this is not a screen or anything fancy, but it is the one thing that got me hooked when I was just a young kid looking to see what I could make happen on the computer. If you’re on a budget this is the perfect thing to consider. (and not just for illustrators – easily a tool for anyone working in the creative realm)


Ok, I’m switching gears here and going back to my old school roots. Let’s all take a second and acknowledge that there are a TON of makers choices out there – and my opinion is not mean to sway anyone one way or the other. Yet, with that I think that Copic Markers are a great gift for anyone who showcases artistic traits. This basic set will allow them the chance to play around with what you can achieve with markers – and if you throw in the right paper, they might even like the results enough to pursue that work further!

ART GLOVE  £8.27

It’s black, it’s sexy and it goes on your hand! Sure, there are plenty of devices that offer up palm rejection but this helps with that and so much more. Allowing someone to glide along on a screen effortlessly without any friction or drag while they’re drawing is nothing to turn your nose up at. Plus, it makes for a great stocking stuffer!

ART BOOKS – (The Art of LOISH) £16.09

I’ve been following LOISH around since before there was social media. (aka – back in the day of DeviantArt) I’m not suggesting that she’s the one you need to pick up – but I DO suggest that when considering one of these books, make sure it fits the artist or person you’re looking to get it for. Might I humbly suggest looking at Pixar, Star Wars and even the best seller Posterspy: An Alternative Movie Poster Collection.

FIELD NOTES – (or any small notebook)Pack of 3 £25.99

If you work in graphic design at all, or know someone who does, chances are you’ve heard the name Aaron Draplin before. The dude is a rock star in the design community and for good reason. He created Field Notes as a way to quickly jot down ideas, and to push the idea that pencil to paper is never going to be replaced. Granted there are plenty of alternatives to Field Notes out there, but I can’t seem to bring myself to recommend any of them. The set below has a solid variety if you like blank sheets, lined or graph paper. 


Again, another example of something where the choices out there are endless, but for me, my go to every time is always going to be Moleskine if I want to sketch anything and keep it on hand. I love the portability, durability, and quality that these little sketchbooks provide. They also take up very little space in my bookcase at home. Whether you’re sketching, using markers, charcoal, graphite … heck even watercolor, you can’t go wrong with these little books.

DSLR Camera – (Nikon D3500)£299.00

Look, I’m not a photographer and have never claimed to be, but as an artist, you need as much reference as you can get. What better way to get those reference shots rather than using the camera that you’ve got on your smartphone?! It seems like DSLR cameras have come down so much in price that it’s almost ridiculous not to have one. Hey, and what’s even better, is that if you start to get the hang of getting that perfect shot, maybe you’ll have a tool that can push you into another avenue you hadn’t considered! 

BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES – (too many to choose from)

I don’t know about you, but when I’m working on anything, I’m ALWAYS listening to music. I also don’t like having my headphones hooked up via a wire – so naturally, I’m rocking out to the bluetooth headphones that Apple predicted we’d all be using. I’m not here to tell you which kind to get, because there are just too many to choose from. I would suggest that you keep to name brands on this, they know what they’re doing and they’ve got the money invested in the right way to make the music you love sound great. Below are a few that you might check out:

Some Recommendations:


APPLE – AirPods Pro

BOSE – Soundsport

PosterSpy: An Alternative Movie Poster Collection£33.99

Last but not least, how can I compile a list of last minute gifts without recommending the PosterSpy art book, over 300 posters from 58 global artists. If you like this is a must have. *inserts wink face*

That’s it – happy shopping everyone!

*This article is not endorsed by Amazon or its affiliates.

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