Introducing Your New PosterSpy Profiles

Your new profiles look smarter, sleeker and you can customise more content.

Head to your Profile Settings to add links to your profile. These are categorised into two groups.

Featured In

Add links to books you’ve been published in, interviews, articles and anything else you’ve been featured in.

External Links

You may wish to add links to your store, a discount code for your products, your website or any other link.

The display text is fully customisable. You can also have an unlimited number of ‘Featured in’ and ‘External’ links.


We really hope you love your new profiles and we’ll continue to work to add more features and options to our website.

Have any questions or would like to request features? Spotted a bug? Fire an email to

We want to see your profiles!
Once you have added links and fully customised your profile, tweet us a photo and the link and we’ll RT you.

  • Is your profile appearing broken? It could be your browser cache, a few refreshes with the SHIFT button held should fix this.
  • The new profiles are not yet designed for mobile, but we’re working on it.

Featured profile: Felix Tindall

Jack Woodhams

Founder of PosterSpy.