Creative Brief: Design an illustrated poster for Fear The Walking Dead Season 4
Submissions Open February 12th 2018 - March 5th 2018 BST
Time left: Closed
You could win $1000 and a trip of a lifetime to Los Angeles, U.S.A!
Winning Entry

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AMC and PosterSpy are inviting you to create an alternative poster for the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead, which makes its UK TV debut Monday the 23rd April 2018 (please check your local listing for tune-in information)

FEAR Season 4 premieres with the much-anticipated series crossover event. Fan favourite “Morgan Jones” from The Walking Dead joins the cast of FEAR as a series regular.

The story:

In season four of Fear the Walking Dead, we will see the world of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her family through new eyes – the eyes of Morgan Jones (Lennie James), joining the story from the world of The Walking Dead.The characters’ immediate past mixes with an uncertain present of struggle and discovery as they meet new friends, foes and threats.They fight for each other, against each other and against a legion of the dead to somehow build an existence against the crushing pressure of lives coming apart. There will be darkness and light; terror and grace; the heroic, mercenary, and craven, all crashing together towards a new reality for “Fear the Walking Dead.” 

Produced by AMC Studios, Fear the Walking Dead is executive produced by Scott M. Gimple, showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, as well as Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Gale Anne Hurd and Greg Nicotero. The new season will consist of 16 episodes with the final half of the season premiering later in 2018.


About AMC:

Within the UK, AMC is available exclusively to BT customers on BT TV (332) and SKY (192).

Worldwide, please contact your Television provider to enquire if AMC is available in your region.

Design Tips:

Please focus on emulating the look and feel of the shows’ previous seasons, using red, orange, yellow, blue, brown and monochrome. Feel free to create work in your own styles. We encourage you to experiment with new and innovative ideas outside your usual range and speaking to the exciting world this crossover event is embarking upon. As this is a Fear the Walking Dead competition, your art should focus on this series and relevant characters, including crossover character “Morgan Jones” from The Walking Dead. Please do not include any other characters from The Walking Dead.

The winning entries will be judged by AMC Global Marketing executives and final selection will be made by participating Fear the Walking Dead Executive Producer Greg Nicotero and Executive Producers and Showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg.



This Creative Brief is open worldwide, prizes will be awarded to 6 regional winners from the UK, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Thailand and Rest of World (Global). You must be from the listed regions to enter your poster into the corresponding categories (a proof of address will be required).

AMC is looking for Illustrated posters. Photos provided are to be used for reference only. Please reference the first look photos and past season central art. 

The poster must be A3 600dpi minimum you are welcome to work at a larger scale if you prefer. You are welcome to work landscape or portrait.

Please ensure any text is on a separate layer as this may need to be localised.

Please upload an RGB file in either JPEG or PNG format.

Once your entry is uploaded to PosterSpy, please send layered PSD or Ai files to

You may enter more than once. Please avoid using photo comps and re-creating past seasons’ original key art. AMC is looking for illustrated posters. 

Please use the hashtag #FEARTWD when sharing/posting your artwork on social media.


Dates to Remember:

The creative brief will be open from 12:01 BST 12th February to 5st March 2018 23:59 BST. Entries submitted after this time will not be deemed valid.



There will be six Regional Winners, each to receive a cash prize of $1,000, as follows:


UK – Select FTWD UK in ‘Poster Category’

Cash prize of $1000 USD

Artwork displayed on a outdoor billboard in United Kingdom.


POLAND – Select FTWD PL in ‘Poster Category’

Cash prize of $1000 USD

Artwork displayed on a outdoor billboard in Poland.


SPAIN – Select FTWD ES in ‘Poster Category’

Cash prize of $1000 USD

Artwork displayed on a outdoor billboard in Spain.


PORTUGAL – Select FTWD PT in ‘Poster Category’

Cash prize of $1000 USD 

Artwork displayed on a outdoor billboard in Portugal.


THAILAND– Select FTWD THAI in ‘Poster Category’

Cash prize of $1000 USD

Artwork displayed on a outdoor billboard in Thailand.


REST OF WORLD Select FTWD Rest of world in ‘Poster Category’

Cash prize of $1000 USD


One Overall Winner, selected from the Regional Winners will also receive


The grand prize trip to Los Angeles… where the FEAR story began.

Grand prize trip will consist of:

  • Economy round trip airfare to Los Angeles for Overall Winner and 1 guest (2 people total)up to a total maximum cost of $4,000 USD to cover both the Overall Winner and one guest as arranged by AMCNI);
  • 4-day, 3-night luxury hotel accommodations for Overall Winner and 1 guest (2 people total)
  • $500 American Express gift certificate (1 unit)
  • Exclusive local activities and tours

Please note:

– Regional Winners must reside in their selected tagged region. A proof of address will be required.

– Regional Winners will be shortlisted by AMC with the winner selected by FTWD EP’s and Show runners: Greg Nicotero, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg 

– Winning entries will have local series premiere tune in date and time added, as well as official AMC logo, before the billboard execution.

Grand prize trip to take place between 5thMarch 2018 – 31stDecember 2018. All Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

AMC may promote entries and the winners on their social channels, and artists may be called upon to be interviewed about their art.

How to enter:

Create an account with us and upload your poster to your regional ‘FTWD’ category (as stated above) via our submission form. You must reside in the selected region. Be sure to read the T&C’s before entering.



How many submissions can I upload?

You may upload as many submissions as you like, there’s no cap.


Do I keep the rights to my art?

When submitting, you allow AMC and PosterSpy to share your work on social media and in stated out of home advertising media execution to promote the campaign.


Can I sell prints of my submission?

Legally, you are NOT allowed to sell prints that use another company’s intellectual property.


If I win, how long does it take for me to get my prize money?

Typically, 8-12 weeks. This can be much shorter or longer depending on when we receive your information.




UK Submissions

FTWD FTWD UK Avatar boythirty
Rise FTWD UK Avatar lpoche

    Spain Submissions

    FTWD FTWD ES Avatar antonio8
    Callejon. FTWD ES Tami
    El pozo..
    El pozo.. FTWD ES Tami

      Poland Submissions

      FEAR FTWD PL kng_89
      FEARTWD FTWD PL Romisz
      FTWD4 FTWD PL Piotrmank
      FTWD3 FTWD PL Piotrmank
      FTWD2 FTWD PL Piotrmank
      FTWD1 FTWD PL Piotrmank
      M J
      M J FTWD PL Avatar Nordvegen
      MM FTWD PL Avatar Nordvegen
      FTWD FTWD PL Avatar Nordvegen
      Poster FTWD PL Avatar Mayshi

        Portugal Submissions

        fear FTWD PT sunflavor

          Thailand Submissions

          FearTWD FTWD THAI Manutsawee
          FTWD FTWD THAI Puii1207
          FTWD FTWD THAI Puii1207
          FTWD FTWD THAI Puii1207
          FTWD FTWD THAI Puii1207

            Rest of World Submissions

            Fight With…
            Fight With… FTWD Rest of world Avatar VenomousAngel
            Strain FTWD Rest of world Avatar Dualism
            we are all we have
            we are all we have FTWD Rest of world Avatar Tonypnd78
            FTWD FTWD Rest of world Avatar pauzat
            FEAR A NEW WORLD
            FEAR A NEW WORLD FTWD Rest of world Avatar qsk
            Fear the Walking Dead
            Fear the Walking Dead FTWD Rest of world Avatar kyouzins
            No Fear
            No Fear FTWD Rest of world Avatar Martin Beckett
            Fear the Dead
            Fear the Dead FTWD Rest of world Avatar monagan12
            FTWD FTWD Rest of world Avatar TheMeeDes
            FEARTWD FTWD Rest of world Akvilon
            #FTWD-ES #FEARTWD
            #FTWD-ES #FEARTWD FTWD Rest of world Avatar jlmeana
            FTWD Poster
            FTWD Poster FTWD Rest of world dgrahamdesign
            Morgan: FTWD
            Morgan: FTWD FTWD Rest of world Avatar AlphaCMT
            Morgan FTWD Rest of world EllieD
            Morgan And Bus Zombies
            Morgan And Bus Zombies FTWD Rest of world EllieD
            The Worlds Collide
            The Worlds Collide FTWD Rest of world Avatar movieartwork
            Morgan and Alycia
            Morgan and Alycia FTWD Rest of world EllieD
            Fear the Walking Dead S4
            Fear the Walking Dead S4 FTWD Rest of world Ivy
            Fear the Walking Dead
            Fear the Walking Dead FTWD Rest of world Avatar ARTbyGB
            Fear The Walking Dead
            Fear The Walking Dead FTWD Rest of world Avatar AdamLV89
            Crawling Out
            Crawling Out FTWD Rest of world Avatar monsieurgordon

              This imagery is for inspiration, please avoid using them to create Key Art style designs. Creativity and personal style is encouraged.

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              All images © AMC


              PosterSpy (“PosterSpy”) shall be the sole promoter of this contest as carried out in association with AMC Networks International Channel Limited, with company number 09576192 and registered office at 111 Salusbury Road, London, NW6 6RG (“AMCNI”) and its affiliates (the “Contest”)

              By submitting your poster (the “Poster/s”) for this Contest you agree to be bound by (i) these Terms and Conditions and (ii) and the accompanying Fan Art Brief (the “Brief”) (jointly, the “Contest Terms”).

              1. Entrants: To enter this Contest, you must be over 18 years of age. Each Entrant may submit as many Posters as he/she wants;

              2. Timing: The Contest is open from 00:01 BST 12th February 2018 to 5th March 2018 23:59 BST. Posters submitted after this time will not be accepted.

              3. Submitting conditions:

              a. Entrants must submit their Posters in accordance with the Brief. The Entrant guarantees that he/she (i) is the author of the Poster (ii) it is original i.e. it is not a total or partial reproduction of a pre-existing work of art;
              b. The images, names, logos materials etc provided by AMCNI, the TV series “Fear the Walking Dead” and all works related thereto are the intellectual property of AMCNI or its affiliates (the “AMCNI IP”) and are provided solely for use in this Contest for reference purposes only Entrants shall not be entitled to use the AMCNI IP for any other purpose and shall not be assign the Poster to any third party;
              c. The use in the Posters of any copyrighted or trademarked material, other than AMCNI IP or material owned by yourself, is strictly prohibited;
              d. Your Poster may not include inappropriate language or any inappropriate, offensive, violent, harmful, defamatory or sexually explicit content;
              e. In the event the Poster contains a personal image or resemblance of any individual, you will need to duly authorise such image use by such person for these purposes;
              f. The winning Poster will have local series tune-in info and official ®AMC logo added to the file for its out of home advertising media execution.

              4. Winners:

              a. The Contest is being run in six regions (i) the UK, (ii) Poland, (iii) Spain, (iv) Portugal, (v) Thailand, and (vi) the rest of the world (the “Participating Regions”)
              b. Each Participating Region will have one (1) regional winner (each a “Regional Winner”). One (1) global winner shall come from the Participating Regions (the “Overall Winner”).
              c. Posters will be judged on creativity, originality, quality and relevance to the Brief, as per PosterSpy and AMCNI exclusive criteria.

              5. Prizes:

              a. Regional Winners will receive a cash prize of $1,000 USD. Regional Winners from the UK, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Thailand shall have their Poster executed in an out of home advertising medium in the Regional Winner’s country. This cash prize will be sent by PosterSpy to the respective Regional Winner via bank transfer or via Paypal if living outside of the UK. Payment may take up to 8 weeks to be processed.
              b. Overall Winner will receive a grand prize consisting of a trip to Los Angeles (USA) for two (2) people (Overall Winner and one (1) guest) and shall consist of:
              i. Economy round trip airfare to Los Angeles up to a total maximum cost of $4,000 USD to cover both the Overall Winner and (1) one guest as arranged by AMCNI;
              ii. 4-day, 3-night luxury hotel accommodations;
              iii. $500 American Express gift certificate (1 unit);
              iv. Exclusive local activities and tours;
              v. Trip to take place between 5th March 2018 – 31st December 2018

              c. A translator will not be provided to the Overall Winner or their guest.
              d. The Overall Winner and their guest must have valid passport, a travel visa or equivalent document which permits entry into to the United States by close of the contest date.
              e. Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

              6. Posters IP:

              a. All copyright in the Posters submitted shall remain with the respective Entrant in so far as such rights relate to the original and independent work of the artist;
              b. The foregoing will be understood without prejudice to AMCNI reserved rights on AMCNI IP. Entrants have no commercial ownership of the AMCNI IP by entering this Contest;
              c. As a result, and to the extent the Posters incorporate AMCNI IP, Entrants are prohibited from exploiting their Posters without permission from AMCNI.
              d. Both AMCNI and PosterSpy are given the right by Entrants to exploit the Posters (regardless if the Posters are awarded a prize) without further permission from or compensation due to the Entrant to help market and promote “Fear the Walking Dead” Season Four by using the Posters on social media and out of home advertising in any  territory with no limit of time. All necessary intellectual property rights to entitle AMCNI to do so are assigned to AMCNI respectively.

              7. Personal data: Subject to prevailing data protection legislation, by entering the Contest the Entrants consent to:

              a. the surname and country of origin of each Regional Winner and the Overall Winner being obtained by writing from AMCNI by writing to AMCNI at the address set out in paragraph 1 (above) up to one 1 month after the closing date of the Contest, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope or by visiting the website; and
              b. the name and images of each Regional Winner being used by PosterSpy and AMCNI on any AMCNI or PosterSpy operated website, WAP site, on-air and otherwise for promotional and marketing purposes. Neither AMCNI nor PosterSpy accepts any obligations of confidence towards the winners of the Contest.
              c. Personal data of all Entrants will be processed in accordance with PosterSpy privacy Policy (

              8. Miscellaneous:

              a. Not complying with the Contest Terms might result in exclusion from the Contest and your Posters being disqualified or removed;
              b. Insofar as is permitted by law, neither AMCNI, nor its agents or distributors will in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate any Entrant accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of entering the Contest or taking up a Prize (as the case may be) except where it is caused by the negligence of AMCNI, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. The statutory rights of Entrants are not affected;
              c. PosterSpy and AMCNI reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Contest where, at its reasonably discretion, it becomes necessary to do so;
              d. The Prize includes nothing other than that expressly stated to be included as part of the Prize. The Prize may be subject to third party terms and conditions for which AMCNI is not responsible or liable;
              e. The entrants may be invited to attend AMCNI events for the Prize giving, press or publicity. By entering the Contest, each entrant agrees to make best efforts to take part in any publicity accompanying or resulting from the Contest. Each entrant acknowledges that attendance may entail travel and may occur during the regular working week. Each entrant is responsible for organising an absence from work with their respective employers as required. AMNCI shall not be responsible for any travel arrangements required in order for the entrant to accept the Prize unless otherwise stated;
              f. Entrants acknowledge that the dates of any AMCNI events cannot be altered;
              g. The Contest Terms shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales, and PosterSpy, AMCNI and Entrants submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.