Key Frames Exhibition by Matt Warren

PAPER8 presents artist Matt Warren’s extraordinary exhibit in Los Angeles. Warren’s work aims to deconstruct the cinematic experience, critiquing the way in which Hollywood formulates stereotypes to help build expectation whilst blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

Each poster in Warren’s series dissects a particular film’s narrative through a singular image, a key frame, which encapsulates the film in a familiar, yet unexpected manner. By re-imagining and altering elements from the film’s marketing campaign, like composition, bits of dialog, typeface, color and still photos, Warren plays with his audiences’ sense of familiarity. In Warren’s posters supporting characters have top billing, heroes are made vulnerable, and box office bombshells are depicted up-close, wrinkles and all. The resulting re-worked movie posters inevitably demand a double-take.

Check out the billboards below:




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About Matt

I’m an artist currently living in Los Angeles.  I’ve been making pencil drawn alternative movie posters since 2012. Each poster dissects a particular film’s narrative through a singular image, a key frame, which encapsulates the film in a familiar, yet unexpected manner. Additionally other elements from the films marketing campaign are altered, like color, composition, typeface and taglines, in order to play with the audiences sense of familiarity.

For this ongoing series exploring the function of the Hollywood movie poster, I am occupying eight billboards in strategic locations in the Los Angeles area – including Sunset and Gardner, Sunset and Highland, Santa Monica and Vine, Melrose and Larchmont, and La Brea and San Vincente. Each billboard is 12 x 24′ and features my drawings of iconic moments within cinema, from such films as ‘Showgirls’, ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, and ‘Chinatown’. It was arranged through Clear Channel Outdoor and funded by myself, as both a exhibition and public display of my work, in addition to being a campaign for my T Shirt line ‘Paper8’ which feature prints of my hand drawn designs.

More of my work can be seen at, shirts and prints can be purchased at and my Instagram is paper_eight.

Exhibit Info:

Paper8 Presents Key Frames by Matthew Warren
• Exhibition runs from April 5 – May 30, 2016.
#0094             Beverly Blvd/S Laurel Ave                    4/5 – 5/3
#0570             Sunset Blvd/Highland Ave                    4/5 – 5/3
#0698             La Brea Ave/San Vincente Blvd           4/5 – 5/3
#1231             Santa Monica Blvd/Sweetzer Ave         4/5 – 5/3
#1497             Sunset Blvd/ Stanley Ave                     4/11 – 5/9
#0885             Melrose Blvd/Larchmont Ave               4/18 – 5/16
#1244             Santa Monica Blvd/Vine St                   4/25 – 5/22
#0579             Highland Ave/ Willoughby Ave              4/25 – 5/22
#1497             Sunset Blvd/ Stanley Ave                     5/2 – 5/30
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