Grey Matter Art’s 2nd Annual Mystery Tube Sale!

Our friends over at GMA are holding a mystery tube a sale, a great opportunity to bag some rare prints! Here’s the details:

GMA is excited to announce our Annual Mystery Tube Sale for Black Friday! This will go on sale this Friday at 1PM est. We held a lot of great posters back that are no longer available in our shop. In addition to our sold out posters, we are also offering some rare and sold out sets, one of a kind test prints, and signed posters from cast members.

Below are just some of the prints GMA will be offering.

Stan Lee Signed Print.

George Romero Signed Print.

Bruce Campbell Signed Print.

Carl Weathers Signed Print.

Peter Weller Signed Print.

Hayley Atwell Signed Print.


Lloyd Kaufman Signed Prints.

Just some of the sold out posters we are offering.

One of a Kind Test Prints.

We posted an FAQ to answer any questions you may have.

Q. How many posters will I receive?

 A. Each tube will come with 4 posters with each one containing either a set, a signed poster, a one of a kind test print, or a sold out poster from our shop page.

Q, If I purchase more than one, will I get doubles?

A. No. We will make sure not to put more than one of the same print in either tube and that goes for either a test print, signed print or sold out poster from our shop.

 Q. Will there be a limited amount?

 A. Yes, we only have a limited supply of these that we are going to have made up.

 Q. How long will the sale last?

 A. We will have the sale start on Black Friday, November 25th at 1:00 PM est. through the weekend. We only have a set amount so they will sell out fast.

A. When will the orders be shipped?

Q. We will be shipping the tubes out by the week of 12/5, so we can have these in time for the holidays.

 Q. Are all sales final?

 A. Yes there will be no refunds, returns, or exchanges.

 Mystery Tubes will go on sale Friday, November 25th 1:00 PM est. on our website shop page.

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Jack Woodhams

Founder of PosterSpy.