Coming soon: PosterSpy Challenges

PosterSpy has always been built around the idea of community, learning and showcasing progress within the wider poster art world. That’s why in April 2021 we will be launching PosterSpy Challenges, a new way to flex your skills and try new mediums, explore new themes and most importantly, have some fun. We know that 2020 – Present has been tough for many, and although we’ve decided to no longer hold Creative Briefs, we still want a way for artists to feel motivated to explore their ability and motivate people to create new work.

How will it work? 

Unlike Creative Briefs there will be no monetary prize, we don’t want people creating for the chance to win money, we want our themes to motivate you, as well as the idea of working on projects collaboratively, trying new mediums etc.

How long will a Challenge last?

We will be running each challenge for around 30 days with multiple challenges running per year or even at the same time.

What sort of themes will you be doing?

PosterSpy has always championed posters of all genres, styles and mediums, although best known as a hub for alternative movie posters; we’ll be choosing themes that encourage the exploration of emotion, theories and ideas that will make you think outside of the box.

Can I collaborate with friends?

Yes! We actually want to encourage team ups on these challenges, if you’ve ever wanted to work with an artist before, now is the time!

Where will my work be showcased?

We will be creating a unique “challenge” homepage which will enable you to see previous submissions from the community as well as enter new challenges.

A selection of submissions will also be shared across our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What’s the long term plan?

At the moment we have no idea how successful this will be, so we’re playing it by ear right now. What we’d love to do is host an annual exhibition showcasing the best of our challenge submissions from each year (who doesn’t love a good get together with free snacks).

How can I participate?

All you need to participate is a free PosterSpy account.

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