Poster Spy Celebrates ‘Alien Day’ with a Fantastic Selection of Tribute Posters

Today is Alien Day and as big fans of the Alien movies we couldn’t just sit back and let the day go by without celebrating somehow. We invited artists to create or submit already existing poster designs for their favourite Alien movie. Below are the results and we’re absolutely astounded at the amount of awesome in these submissions. Many thanks to all of the incredible artists who took their time to get in touch with us and submit their designs! You’ve helped to create an incredible tribute!


Joshua Kelly Alien

Alien by Joshua Kelly


Tiernan Alien [90028]

Alien by Kevin Tiernan


rafal rola

Aliens by Rafal Rola


ALIEN_JONESY_thedarkinker [85891]

Jonesy by The Dark Inker


BP_ALIENS [85907]

Aliens by Balazs Pakozdi



Alien by Simon Carpenter


 ALIEN [86403]


ALIEN_A4 [86404]

Alien Tribute by Robert Lockley


alienposter_final_nk [65562]

Alien by Nils Kaufmann


Liam-Brazier---Believe-It-Or-Not [31725]

‘Believe it or Not’ by Liam Brazier


IMG_0012 [55290]

Alien by Chris Garofalo

IMG_0014 [55288]

Alien by Chris Garofalo 


Crew Expendale [85902]

Alien by Conor Murphy


scott_illustration_queenX [69755]

Xenomorph by Scott Fuller

alienresurrection [55272]

Alien Resurrection by Steve Berrington



Aliens by Angel Trancon Arts



Alien by Angel Trancon Arts


Alien by Angel Trancon Arts



Alien by A Movie Poster Per Day


Saslow - Aliens [55535]

Aliens by Scott Saslow


0000 alien

Alien by Simon Postle

Which Alien poster is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section! Or tweet us your favourite @posterspy!


The entry that won the Blu-Ray Anthology and A3 print of their design will be announced later this week, stay tuned!



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