Assassin’s Creed Unity Competition Winners

Ubisoft has chosen the winners for the Assassin’s Creed Unity poster competition. We’d like to say a big thanks to Ubisoft UK for working with us on this promotion. We were amazed that so many of you entered and some brilliant work was produced.


1st place – AC: Unity by Felix Tindall 

A few words from Felix:

“I am both surprised and very thankful to be chosen by Ubisoft for first place. There were so many great submissions, I doubted coming in top three! But hey, I guess they liked it, huh? :D This piece took between 4-7 hours to create. I knew it was important to include multiple assassins to show unity and what the game is all about. I also thought the addition of the guillotines and the french colors in the back was vital to explain both the setting and time period of the game, without cluttering the background with big buildings such as the Notre Dame like many had already used. I had a ton of fun creating this design and am very honored to be among the top 3, let alone first! I hope everybody digs it and think its worthy of its place.”

Find Felix here:

Twitter: @FT_in_NZ
Poster Spy Profile: Shrimpy99

2nd Place – Unity by Lazare Gvimradze

A few words from Lazare:

I found out about the contest early on as it was announced and decided to pace myself, maybe even work on several submissions. From the three I ended up with, my “Unity” piece was the first I uploaded – and by far the one I put the most work into. I had decided that I’d use no stock images and try and capture the major beats of the game through flat minimalism via hand-drawn shapes and vectors – and the four Assassins, the Guillotine symbolizing the revolution, and Paris’ iconic Notre Dame seemed like the perfect trio to compose the poster. As with all my work, I created it on an iPad, so some ideas and details had to be sacrificed and scrapped, but I believe I more-or-less achieved my vision in the end. Looking at the competition, however, I did little to hope that I’d be picked as one of the winners. Taking second place was truly a shock and I’m super grateful to Poster Spy and Ubisoft for letting me participate and choosing me as one of the winners, respectively.

Find Laraze here:

Poster Spy profile: legionofpotatoes

3rd Place – Unity by Lewis Moorhead

A few words from Lewis:

First of all thank you Ubisoft for choosing my entry as 3rd place as well as for giving us the opportunity. When creating my Assassins Creed Unity entry I wanted to include all of the characters from the series seeing as the title for the latest release was unity. I combined the 3D Assassins creed symbol made in Cinema 4d with character drawings cut out from game media to show a sort of tree of characters from the game series. The main idea
was to create something dramatic and explosive. I hope you liked the outcome and enjoyed viewing.

Find Lewis (Flew designs) here:

Poster Spy profile: Lewis
Twitter: @FlewDesigns

You can view all the Assassin’s Creed Unity entries here.


Jack Woodhams

Founder of PosterSpy.

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  1. Congrats to The Winner :)

    although I was unhappy with the results and i think that other poster should have been picked as winners (not including my posters of course they kinda sucked) third place and second deserved it but i think there was better posters than the first one but it’s just a matter of opinions and that doesn’t mean i don’t like the first place poster, It’s Amazing!
    I just think there was better! but still it’s a matter of opinions.

    anyways Congrats to the winners :) again

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      • Hi Belal, sorry you don’t agree with the winners, Ubisoft judged this and we had no say. There were many amazing entries but obviously Ubisoft had an idea of what they liked best! Thanks for viewing!

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        • I Understand it was Ubisoft who picked the winners not you guys :)
          and still I don’t completely disagree with they’re Decision!
          This is a matter of Opinions

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          • It is indeed a matter of opinion, I for one really liked the winning poster. Elegant, but bold. Striking enough to make you stop scrolling, but aesthetically pleasing enough to keep your attention. Nice play with the lines and symmetry, and good use of the colors. Has a classic poster look, and speaks volumes on the content of the game while still being deliberately minimalistic. Well done.