Emre Unayli

Istanbul, Turkey

Emre Unayli was born in April of 1988 in Turkey. The visual arts in general, but mostly cinema, has always been a big part of Emre’s life. He inherited his artistic skills from his late grandfather and his father, who were both interested in cinema. His first motion picture experience was in 1992*, when he was only 4 years old. He was the guy who would sit behind his desk and draw movie posters or try to come up with synopsis for imaginary films during class. When he admitted to himself that he loathed math and had no interest in anything but the visual arts, he decided to study in this field. In 2006, he was accepted into Beykent University’s Cinema & Television program, on full scholarship and graduated with honors. However, this wasn’t enough for him to achieve his dreams, so he decided to continue studying and improve both himself and his skills.

In 2011, his life changed almost instantly when he was accepted into Miami Ad School’s Art Direction program, again on scholarship. This time, instead of sitting at the back of the class and hiding his passion, he was encouraged to sit in front of the teacher and design movie posters. His life only got better when he subsequently won two awards from Hollywood Reporter’s Key Art Awards, including one Gold Statue as a student.