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Discounts with partners
Access to extended and exclusive podcasts
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Access to PosterSpy Discord Community
Access to a resource page with career advice
Access to online networking events
Bi-monthly giveaways
PDF Resume on profile
Priority on social media
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£45 per year

All of the same features as a monthly membership but save over 20% paying annually.

Save over 20%!

You get perks. We get to help you reach your goals.

Memberships help us to keep PosterSpy running, add new features and dedicate our time to improving your experience.

Priority on social media

Pro members get priority sharing on social media. Our socials get over 2 million impressions per month. Get your work seen by art directors and companies and increase your chances of getting work.

Exclusive and extended podcast episodes

Love the PosterSpy podcast? We’ll be bringing you exclusive episodes for season 2 and as a Pro member, you will get access to extended versions of every episode.

Win Alternative Movie Posters!

We’ve partnered with Mad Duck Posters to offer PRO members the chance to win limited edition screenprinted posters, the draws will occur every 2 months and PRO members are automatically entered to win.

Exclusive Discounts

Vice Press

Save 10% on orders

Grey Matter Art

Save 10% on orders

Dstudio UK

Save 5% on orders

The PosterSpy Store

Save 20% on orders

Layered Butter

Save 10% on orders over £35

The Poster Frame Co

Save 10% on orders

And more!

All Features

FeaturesFree AccountPro Membership
Upload posters4 per monthUnlimited
Additional images on projects (work in progress, variants)1Unlimited
Access to paid commissions
Access to exclusive commissionsX
Access to a page with valuable resources, publications and adviceX
Pro member badge on profileX
Access to PosterSpy Discord CommunityX
GIF avatars and bannersX
Discounts with partnersX
Extended episodes of our podcastX
Exclusive podcast episodesX
Invite to test new featuresX
Add a PDF resume to your profileX
Access to online networking eventsX
No adsX
Bi-monthly Pro member spotlightsX
Share priority on social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)X
Entered into bi-monthly giveaways to win prints, artbooks and more.X
Priority support requests via emailX
Some features coming late 2023 early 2024.

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