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“PosterSpy is a such great platform for artists to showcase their work and reach a wider audience. Their creative briefs have expanded my portfolio, opened up some fantastic opportunities and being part of the PS community has introduced me to a whole heap of incredibly talented people!”

Tom Coupland

“I’ve been part of the PosterSpy community for a while now and I absolutely love it. The range of talented artists is amazing and everyone is so generous in the way that they encourage and share each others work. It’s really great to interact with other artists and it also inspires you to push your skills to the limit and strive to improve.”

Simon Carpenter

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Create a portfolio page in seconds. PosterSpy allows users to upload, share and grow. Upload your recent art, participate in Creative Briefs, grow your following and have a clean, easy to navigate portfolio at the same time.

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Join hundreds of other artists and make friends in one of the web’s most exciting new communities. Follow your favourite artists, or simply browse the website for inspiration to help you create your next piece.

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Take part in Creative Briefs from the world’s biggest brands including Warner Bros., Universal, Legendary, Sony Pictures, Bethesda, AMC and more. Develop your skills and you could even take some cash rewards.




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With hundreds of artists signed up, PosterSpy is the largest online gallery of poster art for movies, tv shows, video games, music and more.