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The Art of Movie Posters

Foreword by Matt Ferguson

World renowned poster designer & co-founder of Vice Press

Explore the work of prominent and contemporary poster designers including never-before-seen sketches and commentary in The Art of Movie Posters. The perfect hardcover collectible book for movie fans, artists and designers.

After the success of “PosterSpy: An Alternative Movie Poster Collection” published by ARTtitude / Schiffer in 2018 we’re delighted to present The Art of Movie Posters, a gorgeous book that aims to inspire poster designers and captivate movie fans.

The Art of Movie Posters features over 70 artists from all over the globe; and includes both unofficial and official movie poster art from names like Karl Fitzgerald, Raid71, Billelis, Freya Betts, Courtney Autumn Martin, Bella Grace, John Guydo, Sam Gilbey, Ruiz Burgos, Audrey Estok and many many more. With each chapter comes written commentary and for some, in depth work in progress imagery and never-before-seen sketches allowing you explore the creative process.