Win an Alpine Labs Michron (2 to Win)

What is an Alpine Lab’s Michron? Taken from the Alpine Labs website:

True genius is making it simpler. You have done this” – Kickstarter Backer

Made in the USA, Michron is a device that plugs into your DSLR or Mirrorless camera and allows you to take time lapses. To take a time-lapse, simply program Michron from your phone, connect it to your camera, and sit back while Michron takes the images that will create your time-lapse. Michron has all the advanced features you need, while still keeping things simple so that you can focus on the shot, and actually enjoy what you are capturing.

Unlike other iPhone and Android based camera triggers and devices, you don’t need to keep your phone connected. Once you press “Upload,” you are free to disconnect your phone without any worry of interfering with your final time lapse.

Big thanks to Alpine Labs for sending us 2 of these to giveaway to you guys!

Win an Alpine Labs Michron (2 Available to Win!)

This competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom only. 

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