Uploading Guidelines

General rules

There are no strict rules around the content you can upload but there are a few things we’d like you to be in control of.

  • Ensure images you upload are your own and you own the copyright to them
  • Ensure any images you upload don’t contain pornographic material
  • Currently only JPEG, PNG and GIF images are supported. TIFF images are not.

Is my artwork an alternative poster?

If you’re unsure if your work is a poster, you can either email us, or browse the site to see what others have been uploading. Generally the posters on the site are for films, tv shows, video games as well as other themes. We do accept other themes but if your work shows no signs that it’s a poster it will be removed as we want to keep the site relevant and accessible.


Poster Spy aims to keep up a level of high quality design for people to browse and enjoy. If your work doesn’t comply with this level of quality unfortunately this can mean the removal of such artwork. We tend not to accept artwork that relies to heavily on photographic material.