Art Challenge: The Most Amazing Destination (Closed)

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Welcome to the next PosterSpy art challenge “The Most Amazing Destination” for this challenge we want to see you create a travel poster for the most amazing destination you’d like to visit, it can be real or completely fictional! The idea behind this challenge came to us when reflecting on the last two years of lockdowns, social distancing and travel bans. If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be? We want to see where YOU want to go, and you’re not limited by our reality.


Your artwork must be a travel poster in style, advertising a destination (real or not). See inspiration.

Create your artwork to A2 size (16.5 x 23.4 inches), 300DPI, RGB

You are welcome to use IP (i.e film locations, video game locations etc).

You may submit already existing artwork you have created. But we’d prefer to see something new.

If you want to use photographic imagery, we recommend Unsplash.

Your upload must include The Most Amazing Destination in the title.

Please upload a JPEG RGB file via our simple drag and drop uploader.

Keep your hi-res files! If you are selected for the exhibition you will need to send the files for print.

Upload your artwork by October 22nd 2021.

Top 5 Selection:

The top 5 will receive a print of their work, posted anywhere in the world (A2 size) a PosterSpy enamel pin badge & a copy of Rafa Orrico: Alternative Posters (paperback)

The top 5 will be judged based on their creativity and understanding of the brief.


10 of the best submissions (including the top 5) will be exhibited for three days in London on November 26th-28th 2021 at our upcoming community event at Gallery Different, just a 5-minute walk from Oxford Street.

At Gallery Different | The Art and Politics of Eating


Why take part?

This is a creative exercise, PosterSpy challenges will be regular events that will aim to inspire you to create artwork based on themes and certain specifications. Creative exercises like this are a great way to get experience following briefs, support a community and of course, improve and experiment with your own work.

Inspiration through music


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