The incredible artwork of Alice X. Zhang

Although not strictly ‘posters’ Alice X. Zhang’s work is still beautiful, we’ve been keeping tabs on her work for sometime now and we’re just in awe at how beautiful these pieces are. In this article we feature a few of our favourites and we hope you guys like her work too!

‘Do you hear the people sing?’ inspired by Les Misérables.
‘The Time Lord’ inspired by BBC’s Doctor Who
‘The Road Less Travelled’ Inspired by The Last of Us
‘Break’ inspired by The Dark Knight Rises
‘Abraham’s Daughter’ inspired by The Hunger Games
‘A One and Future King’ inspired by Marvel’s Thor Franchise
‘Rebirth’ inspired by Square Enix’s Tomb Raider. Semi finalist in Deviantart’s Tomb Raider Reborn Contest.
‘Ghosts’ inspired by BBC’s Sherlock
“The Roar of Our Stars” – Licensed by BBC (Doctor Who)
‘The Cleaner’ inspired by Leon
“Youse Gon’ Let Me Pick Out My Own Clothes?” inspired by Django Unchained
“A One Way Trip” inspired by the Avengers

It’s clear through Alice’s work that she has a keen eye for pop-culture, movies and comics and we hope you love her work just as we do!

Connect with Alice on Facebook, follow her on twitter or visit her website to view more of her work.

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