ARTtitude Presents: PosterSpy’s Alternative Movie Poster Collection (Edition of 1000) – DAMAGED


ARTtitude is proud to present: Poster Spy’s Alternative Movie Poster Collection.

Poster Spy, a website launched in 2014 is a community showcase website for alternative poster artists. Focusing on Movie Posters, this book features the work of 58 incredible artists from countries all over the world.

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PLEASE NOTE: This product has minor damage to the spine and front cover, including dents, tears. No damage however is visible throughout the pages and the book remains fairly good quality. Quality 7/10.

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ARTtitude is proud to present: PosterSpy’s Alternative Movie Poster Collection

PosterSpy, a website launched in 2014 is a community showcase website for alternative poster artists, this book focuses on Movie Posters. PosterSpy’s Alternative Movie Poster Collection features the work of 58 incredible artists from countries all over the world.

All artists featured in this collection are members of the PosterSpy art community.

This book serves as a tribute to what was once a dying form of art. Artists like Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel and Bob Peak among others paved the way for illustrated design but sadly this isn’t seen anymore in commercial marketing.

More recently, artists have taken it upon themselves to create their own movie posters.

We invite you to uncover the world of the alternative poster movement and enjoy over 200 pages of incredible artwork for various different films across the history of cinema.

Artist List:
Adam Cockerton, Adam McDaniel, Andrew Swainson, Andy Fairhurst, Arden Avett, Ben Turner, Chris Garofalo, CranioDsgn, Daniel Nash, Daniel Norris, Dave Stafford, Derek Eads, Doaly, Dres13, Edgar Ascensao, Felix Tindall, Freya Betts, Giuseppe Balestra, Harlan Elam, Ignacio RC, Javier Vera Lainez, Jeremy Wheeler, John Aslarona, John Keaveney, Josh Campbell, Joshua Kelly, Kevin Tiernan, Ladislas Chachignot, Laura Racero, Liam Brazier, Liza Shumskaya, Luke Butland, Mainger, Maria Suarez-Inclan, Matt Griffin, Matt Needle, Matt Talbot, Michael Friebe, Mike Gambriel, Mobokeh, Neil Davies, Peter Strain, Rafal Rola, Rich Davies, Robert Lockley, Salvador Anguiano, Sam Gilbey, Scott Saslow, Scott Woolston, SG Posters, Sharm Murugiah, Simon Carpenter, Simon Caruso, Simon Delart, Steven Key, The Dark Inker, Tom Fournier, Tsuchinoko, Viktor Hertz

  • Publisher: Plan9 Entertainment
  • 242 pages
  • Language: English
  • Format: 21 X 29,7 cm
  • Limited print : 1000 copies
  • ISBN: 979-10-93398-13-6
  • Softcover

Published by Plan9Entertainment

Curated by Frederic Claquin & Jack Woodhams

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