Project Spotlight: Title Cards – Raising Money for The BLM Movement

A while ago we came across the Title Cards project; Title Cards aims to raise awareness (and money) for the Black Lives Matter movement. The collectible series spans various films from directors such as Spike Lee, Jordan Peele and Ryan Coogler to name a few. Now available from the BFI store too! We wanted to delve a little deeper into the series so spoke to the project founder Jack Pullin.

Various posters available from Title Cards

What inspired you to launch Title Cards?
I used to run a film art blog called ‘We Dig Film Posters’ back in the Tumblr days, where I would share and promote up and coming talented graphic designers and illustrators, giving them the recognition they deserved. Ever since then I have been eager to push it further, and help these guys get their work into the hands of their favourite directors and actors. Also, I’m quite the cinephile.

What made you decide on small art cards vs larger format posters?
Growing up my walls would be full of framed A0 film posters, but I had to continuously rotate with a small room – man was that annoying. We made these film posters (cards) so that film fans can have more space to play with when decorating their homes. These collectable prints give people freedom on how they display their love for film, without bombarding your wall space. These prints also offer a healthy conversation starter, which is one of the key reasons why we started this collection.

BlacKkKlansman by

Where can people buy your prints?
You can buy all the prints on our Etsy store: We have also teamed up with the BFI to sell the prints in their store too.

Tell us a bit about the artists you work with.
As each selected film has its own unique voice, we thought they deserved their own illustration style, highlighting the evocative perspectives of the filmmakers. So we teamed up with illustrators around the world, from Brazil to South Korea to collaborate and produce the collection. Huge shout out to them all, I’m so honoured to be showcasing their wonderful work!

Moonlight by

Do you have any long term plans for Title Cards?
As of right now, we’re just focusing on the BLM collection. But next, we are looking to produce other collections around prevalent causes – so maybe an LGBTQIA+ collection, shining a light on groundbreaking films and filmmakers.

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You can get Title Cards from the official Etsy store or via the BFI.

Follow Title Cards on Instagram.

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