Ajinkya Jadhav

Mumbai, India

I am a Mumbai based Artist working in the film industry in all the stages of production. My passion has always been in the simple act of creating and engaging you with stories.
I started my career as a VFX artist. Eventually, I found the art form which best suits me – Poster Design.
Growing up, a very well made Movie Poster & Typography on it used to capture my attention. No wonder, I found my true calling in the art of designing film posters.
I love cinema and I visualise life as one. My attempt has always been to craft a single frame which depicts a story on its own.
My 8 years of experience in this Creative industry spans feature films, episodic television & OTT.


Digital IllustrationTraditional IllustrationKey Art DesignImage ManipulationSketchingConcept ArtTypography


Adobe PhotoshopProcreateAdobe After Effects


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