PosterSpy X Mat Roff – Raising Money for Charity.

Hey everyone, Jack here from PosterSpy and I’m delighted to tell you about the new initiative launching Friday called PosterSpy X. PosterSpy X is a collaborative series where we team up with creatives around the world to produce limited edition merchandise. But that’s not all, with each product, we will donate 100% of profits to the artists chosen charity.

With this initiative you get awesome merchandise and get to support amazing charities across the world.

For our first PosterSpy X campaign we’ve partnered with illustrator Mat Roff, who created this stunning PosterSpy design. Mat’s chosen charity is SpecialEffect, a charity based in Oxfordshire that create hardware and software to enable people with disabilities to enjoy video games. I couldn’t be happier with Mat’s choice of charity, as a keen gamer myself, I’m really excited to raise money for SpecialEffect and hope we can help them to continue producing amazing hardware and software for people of all abilities.

Here’s what Mat had to say about this project:

From August 31st to September 7th 2018 we will release Mat’s official PosterSpy t-shirt via the PosterSpy Store. This t-shirt design will not be available again after this date. So either get it, or miss out!

About the T-Shirt

We are screen-printing this design on Continental Classic Unisex t-shirts. Screenprinting ensures amazing results and we’re printing these with our friends over at Monster Press.

Continental Classic are mid weight at 165gsm, & are made of 100% combed cotton so have a soft feel. The cut is “European”, so the length finishes near the belt line. Body is regular fitting & the sleeves are fashionably cut, not too loose or tight. Continental products are responsibly manufactured (sweat shop free), more info on that can be found here.


– Ethically made
– 100% Cotton
– Fashion fit
– Ringspun (Soft)
– 165gsm

The t-Shirt will be available for £20 (excluding postage).

As mentioned above, the t-shirt will only be available from August 31st up until September 7th, after that date you will never be able to get this PosterSpy t-shirt again.

Get Involved!

Interested in working on PosterSpy X? Reach out via twitter/instagram etc or email at [email protected]

Jack Woodhams

Founder of PosterSpy.

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