PosterSpy creates 3 stunning bespoke posters for The Portable Door

Last month Sky Cinema asked us to create 3 bespoke posters for The Portable Door, a new film coming to the service.

Like our previous commissions, we shared a public call to action inviting artists to submit their PosterSpy portfolios. Over 100 artists submitted and in the end we hired 3 British artists, Callum Seymour, Neil Fraser and Samuel Cox. We also asked them a few questions about their work.

Callum Seymour

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This piece is by illustrator Callum Seymour, there’s so much detail in this poster. Love the shapes and colours used here. Gorgeous!

How did it feel working on a poster for Sky?

I was honestly thrilled to be given the chance, as a freelance illustrator I’ve worked on a lot of different projects but something I wanted to concentrate on and dreamed of doing is to work on a new featured film, which I hadn’t done before. I myself am a massive movie geek, I obsess about them, and it was part of the reason I became an illustrator. So to be given the chance to work on a poster for a film was incredible, but a new original film for Sky was even sweeter. To have such a large brand trust in your process and ideas felt great.  It feels like a pinnacle for me for a client like Sky to choose my artwork after seeing a portfolio. 

Did you expect to get the job when you applied?

I really didn’t, with the pool of talent from UK artists and those on PosterSpy I didn’t think id stand a chance but I guess it shows there’s no harm in applying to anything because people out there may enjoy your work and your style. It was a shot in the dark for me but it was no trouble at all to submit my portfolio. If anything I would get a bit of luck and land myself a great opportunity, for just signing up. 

Neil Fraser

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This is a stunning image really captures the wonder of the movie. There’s a beautiful still that Neil drew inspiration from and I think we can all agree this poster is just magical! ✨

What inspired your composition?

The Trailer, it was obvious it was an epic adventure that takes the team to some magical places, there was a wonderful still that was Patrick and Sophie on a beach near sunset so I used that as my basis and tried to contrast everything and include the scenes behind the doorways. I also wanted to find a way to emphasis the magic of the doorway but have the two characters separated hence the essentially 2 different scenes taking place in one concept.

Was there anything specific you wanted to achieve with your poster?

I wanted to capture the magic and adventure of what I had seen about the film, I am aware of the books and the film looks like a really fun adventure ride so I wanted to make sure the artwork captured the scale and wonder of the story.

What do you have lined up next?

I am working on several Independent films and shorts right now, also currently pitching some things to Kevin Smith which I am hoping to get the go ahead on so that’s exiting, working on increasing my profile at the moment so trying to do some podcasts and shows as well as endless social media and also have a few charity things going on and working on something for Royalston design and his Spidey themed project this month.

Samuel Cox

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This is Samuel’s first official commission! We’re so proud that he found the opportunity through It may be his first paid poster job, but the work is masterful! 🤩

What challenges did you face when making your poster?

Time! As this is my first licensed poster, I have yet to have the privilege of doing this job as my full time income, so trying to complete a detailed piece I was happy with, around a 9-5 day job became taxing at times, but it was worth it!

How did you find working with PosterSpy?

Jack [Founder of PosterSpy & Art director] was understanding, very informative and explained every little nook and cranny incredibly well, making the whole process a joy, I hope to work with Jack again, and I hope all art directors I work with in the future are as Helpful as Jack.

The Portable Door is available to watch on Sky Cinema NOW!

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