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Mandatory Minimum sentencing essay sample

What mandatory minimum sentencing means is that there is at least a minimum number of years to spend in prison a certain defendant may be punished with for the committed crime. Mandatory minimum sentencing is usually applied to drug offences. Yet, the United States Congress has widened the area and it now includes some economic, gun and pornography offenses. What is interesting is that capital punishment has been a mandatory sentence for murder in a number of jurisdictions until 1957.

Mandatory sentencing has been implemented with the idea of good intentions. Yet, it does not always go the way it has been planned. As a result, officials have divided into two groups and each of them is advocating what they believe is the most suitable solution. The main point to consider is as follows: should judges be able to decide how many years to spend in prison or what sentence to pass depending on the nature of the crime as well as it consequences? It seems like this solution is fair.