Poster Spy Notifications and Activity Feed Funding

We’ve currently raised 28% of our goal!

Why we need your help 



In case you don’t know Poster Spy is run by just two people, Jack Woodhams and Ciprian Popescu. Jack is the guy behind the website and Ciprian is the guy who spent hours of his time coding and creating the website you’ve all come to know and love. However, Jack and Ciprian both work on this website completely off their own backs. Poster Spy doesn’t generate much revenue and at the moment we don’t mind that. However, when it comes to you guys and making you happy sometimes not generating much revenue isn’t always a good thing. We’ve been quoted a price for an Activity feed and a Notification Centre to be built and it’s WAAAYYYY out of our price range. So sadly we have to rely on you guys to help us. 



Why should you donate to us?

Simply put, you don’t have too. Below is a Paypal link to donate to our Paypal account, it’s completely safe and secure. Everyone who donates will get a free copy of our E-Book we’re currently producing that will include bonus pages just for the donators. Donators will also receive an exclusive badge on their profile to signify that they helped us create something totally awesome.


Why do we need a Notification Centre and Activity Feed?

For us, a Notification Centre and Activity feed is essential for everyone to connect and discover talented artists. The Notification Centre will show you when someone follows you, ‘loves’ your images, comments on your image or replies to a comment. The Activity Feed will display recent uploads from Artists you follow, giving you even more reason to follow your favourite artists and also a great way to connect with your fans! Honestly, we don’t like having to ask for money, but we want this website to thrive just as much as you do, we want to see something special happen and we want to take you on our journey. Poster Spy has come so far in the last year and we’re forever grateful for everyone who has helped us, but now we need your help. We want to continue running Poster Spy and we want Poster Spy to be the number 1 place you think of when you think of cool alternative posters. Help us make our vision a reality.




Below you can donate as little as £1 to any amount you please, we appreciate every donator and value each and everyone of you. Even if you don’t donate, we are still incredibly thankful for your outstanding support with Poster Spy and we hope that you will continue to support us as we grow. We promise to make this website awesome.


Thank you :D