Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Creative Brief Winners Selected!

From November 12th to December 2nd we hosted a Creative Brief for Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. We get to work on many amazing films but this for us stands out. Back in 2012 when Django Unchained was released in cinemas, fan art for the film popped up everywhere, from fan posters, to comic covers and graffiti art, the film inspired thousands of artists around the world and after seeing how popular fan posters had become and that the movement was growing rapidly, the idea of PosterSpy was born. A place to explore and share your own fan (or even official) posters.

PosterSpy was set up in 2013 by Jack Woodhams, who’s own fan poster for Django Unchained received a lot of attention and was actually used as part of the marketing campaign for the film. So for this to loop back round and to host a fan art contest for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood it feels like it was always meant to happen.

Better yet, we received news that Quentin Tarantino himself would be judging the submissions. Making this a truly special moment in PosterSpy’s history.

Below are the selected artists from the brief, 1st place will receive £1000, 2nd place will receive £500 and 3rd place will receive £250. You can view all of the submissions here.


1st Place: Rico Jr


“So honored that my poster was chosen as the first place of the contest by Mr. Tarantino himself. The theme of Hollywood and cinema’s making through his latest film obviously echo in me and I wanted to propose something. A piece that stands out from the traditional models while retaining this retro vibe and bringing my minimalist touch to it” – Julien Rico


2nd Place – Nuno Sarnardas

“I have been a Tarantino fan since “Pulp Fiction”, and this still is my favourite movie of all time. Tarantino’s definitely one of my favourite directors and having him pick my piece is something I would never expect in a million years. “Once Upon a Time…” is a wonderful piece of cinema, and it’s imagery is truly inspiring. For the piece I followed the brief’s hint and researched lots of posters from that time period. I just put together the elements I found worked together the best, and made a composition that would fit the late 1960’s in the most perfect way.” – Nuno Sarnadas


3rd Place – Pete Lloyd

“Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction came out when I was a teenager and were unlike anything I’d seen before. Along with True Romance (which I’ve seen so many times I could probably quote the dialogue back to you in its entirety!) these films made a huge impression on me and I’ve been a massive Tarantino fan ever since. So to have my poster chosen by the man himself is really special, a great honour. The brief provided solid art direction and I spent quite a lot of time studying iconic late sixties poster art by greats such as Robert McGinnis and Bob Peak for inspiration. With the floating vignettes, negative space, typography and spiral composition I did my best to evoke the feel of the period and setting in my own style” – Pete Lloyd


We’d like to thank every artist who celebrated Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and thank you to Sony Pictures who gave our artists this opportunity.


ONCE UPON A TIME…IN HOLLYWOOD is now available on digital, 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD.


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