New Infinity Saga Collection Featuring Awesome Matt Ferguson Artwork

We all knew the time would come when you could own all the current Marvel movies in one amazing box set and it looks like destiny has arrived, available now on Amazon UK you can pre-order all 23 MCU Films on 4K ULTRA HD & BLU-RAY discs (46 discs) housed in 23 individual Art Cases designed by Matt Ferguson. Set for release November 2nd.

Just check out this box of awesomeness:

pre-order your box set.

Included in the set is an exclusive Lithograph poster designed by Matt as well as other bonus goodies. Buyers will get their hands on bonus discs including the exclusive Infinity Saga bonus disc released by Kevin Feige, an autograph card and a thank you letter from Kevin Feige.

This is definitely going on our wish list.

You can find out more about Matt’s work over on his website and on his PosterSpy profile.

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