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KICKSTARTER Campaign August 1st.


On August 1st we’re launching our Kickstarter for our website, in this blog post I’m going to go into a little detail about why we’re seeking funding and what it’ll be used for.

Poster Spy started in 2013 and was founded by Jack Woodhams, an artist from England who had a huge passion for poster design, since then he’s worked with coder Ciprian Popescu to code and design this website that you’re on today. Launched just yesterday the site has nearly 100 artists signed up and already has over 200 posters uploaded!

So what’s the Kickstarter for?

Jack and Ciprian work for free to run this site and improve it regularly, if the Kickstarter campaign goes well, Ciprian will be paid for his future work on the site. He’s just had a baby boy too so it’ll be nice for him to earn some extra money whilst working on this site. Because of this, Ciprian will have more time (time=money) to add some more amazing features for you guys to use, we can’t expect him to work for free forever. These features include more options when you upload your images, including detail shots, WIP’s and more. It will also involve more customisability on the portfolios and on the profiles.

Also as we want the site to run super fast, we want to buy a dedicated server, dedicated servers can cost anywhere from £500-£1000 a year, thats why our goal on Kickstarter is going to be £1000. We don’t know if we’ll make it but if we do, that’s our main priority.

Thank you’s

We’ve had many artists work with us on our Kickstarter to produce some exclusive prints for us, these artists include Matt Needle, Arden Avett, The Dark Inker, Matt Kroeger, Lewis Osborne and Simon Delart. We are extremely grateful to all of these guys for supporting this project, we’re forever in your debt. Thank you to Simon Caurso for letting us use his image for the banner.

Rewards Breakdown


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