Jock’s Mondo Star Wars trilogy set is complete with this poster for Return Of The Jedi.

U.K based artist Jock has been working with Mondo for many years now, with each release being an instant hit! Today, Mondo are releasing Jock’s poster for Return of the Jedi, which concludes his original trilogy poster set. The piece I am a Jedi, Like My father Before MeĀ centres around the beautifully floral and lush plant of Endor and the scene taken from the film is one that many Star Wars fans love.

Fans of Star Wars shouldn’t miss the opportunity to pick up the timed edition, which is on sale from today until Friday 21st. If you’re lucky, you may be able to grab a limited edition variant, but given Mondo’s fast sell out rates, you will have to be very, very fast.

The regular edition pictured below is a 24×36″ screen printed timed edition which you can grab for $60.

The variant 36×24″ screen print is an edition of 275 that will set you back $80.


You’ll be able to pick up the print from NOON CT which is 6pm UK time from


Here are the previous posters for Jock’s Star Wars Trilogy.


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