Introducing Your New Profiles

After being exclusively available to our patrons for the past 2 weeks, we’re now happy to be releasing the new profile design publicly for everyone.

Profile: Lazare Gvimradze

The new profiles aim to focus on your artwork as the primary landing page, rather than having a lot of information bombarding people who want to see your posters.

Your information, such as your bio now has a home on the About tab.

The new About tab

Profile loading

Profiles now load a maximum of 16 posters which is followed by a load more button. You’ll have noticed that profiles now load a lot faster. Optimising profiles is something we’ve needed to do for a long time so we hope you are happy with this change.

Poster views counter

The poster view counter displays the number of views you’ve received on your posters since your time on Some artists have over half a million total poster views, check yours, the number may surprise you!

We have also tweaked the way you can upload a banner, you can now do this directly from your profile by clicking on the “update banner image” button.

Removing a banner

You can also remove a banner entirely to have a plain background. Great if you want a minimalist portfolio.

Profile changes for free users

As of this release, external links and featured in links have become exclusive for patron members. Over time, we will be ensuring our patron users are given additional exclusive options to help boost their profiles.

Currently, we plan to alter the “purchase link” on posters and give patrons a more eye-catching, clickable design.

You can unlock these features when they are released by becoming a patron for just £4 per month as well as getting exclusive features you get early access to website updates and discounts with our partners. Learn more about Patreon membership here.

Upcoming features for patrons

Larger profile banners

Option to have a “clean profile” with no PosterSpy branding or footer

Downloadable PDF portfolio/resume option

GIF avatars and banners

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