PosterSpy Artist Creates Stunning Watchmen Posters to Pay Tribute to The Series is known as the home of alternative posters, over 37,000 pieces of unique art have been uploaded over the past decade, every now and then an artist will create an entire series of posters for their favourite TV shows, such as Matt Talbot‘s Better Call Saul poster series.

This time we’re highlighting a poster series by artist Genzo from Transylvania. Sticking with Watchmen’s yellow and blue visual identity, the posters focus on key moments from each episode in a comic book style.

The only poster that doesn’t follow this colour scheme is the poster for episode 6, a reference to the episode itself being mostly black and white throughout.

Which is your favourite poster from the series?

HBO's Watchmen
Watchmen Posters

I had a chance to chat to Genzo about his series, he explained that:

After last year’s Peacemaker comic cover series (…) I wanted to do a similar project this year as well. I was hesitating between WandaVision and Watchmen for a while, and finally I picked Watchmen, but this doesn’t mean that I won’t do a WandaVision series too one day. Besides my love for this amazing show (and the iconic graphic novel), de biggest motivation for me was to try something different than my usual „character-stuffed” style, to go out of my comfort zone a bit.

That’s why I went with this minimalist approach, and tried to put a smart little detail/idea to every poster. The incredible works of Eileen “SG Posters” and Rico Jr. were a heavy inspiration source for this series, I wanted to do something similar to their brilliant minimalist posters. I don’t know how much I succeeded, but I’m satisfied with the finished artworks. And I almost dropped my phone when I saw that the show’s creator, Damon Lindelof wrote a very kind comment under my post on IG. That felt really good, and ensured me that it was worth it to try something new and create these 9 posters/comic covers.

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