About Ads

At the moment Poster Spy isn’t generating enough revenue by itself¬†so because of this we’ve opted for discrete ad formats.

Now we don’t mind if you use ad-block, we won’t force you to turn it off like some sites do. So ad block away, in fact here’s the download link for adblock if you don’t have it. We just won’t get any revenue :(

At the moment, as Poster Spy is run by just a small team we’re finding it hard to fund the website without generating any revenue. In the future we may introduce pro accounts for a small monthly fee (no more than ¬£2 a month) which would include lots of awesome features and of course no ads. But we’re not that far yet!

Whilst we build our fan-base and users we will continue to use these non obtrusive ads, once the site grows we will offer a no add feature for premium users.

If you have any questions about this then please email [email protected]

Remember this is NOT definitive, we want your input.