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The Submissions


Last year we introduced the PosterSpy End of Year Portfolio Reviews which received hundreds of submissions. 10 artists were selected to receive critique from industry professionals and 3 artists won some amazing prices. It was a huge success.

Here we are over 10,000 poster uploads later ready to open the submissions again reviewing the posters of 2018.

We are openly inviting the PosterSpy community to submit their profiles (www.posterspy.com/profile/example) and 10 incredible artists will receive critique on their portfolios by 6 industry professionals, the top 3 of those artists will win some special awards including a Wacom Cintiq and a ViewSonic 4K professional design monitor.

The 3 winners will also be interviewed about their work which will be posted on the official Wacom blog.

How artists will be chosen

Each judge will receive links to the artists portfolios and will score the portfolios based on an in depth and broad criteria such as use of colour, typography, composition etc. We will tally up all the marks and the top 10 artists will receive critique from the judges and the top 3 will be awarded special prizes.


Submissions will be open from January 1st to January 31st 2019. All you need to do is give us your name and PosterSpy profile URL (www.posterspy.com/profile/example). Any portfolios submitted after this date will not be considered. Check back on this page on January 1st to see the submission form.


Portfolio submissions 1st Jan – Jan 31st 2019.

Top 10 chosen by February 21st 2019.

Announcement to follow. Approx end of Feb.


I’ve only just opened a PosterSpy account, can I still submit my portfolio?

Yes, no problem. We will look at your profile as a whole and will judge it against the criteria. The length of your time on the website will not affect the overall decisions made.

Can I choose what pieces you look at?

No. Part of the judging process will be looking at your overall progress as an artist, how you’ve learned and improved. This will be something the judges may write about if you’re one of the 10 chosen artists. We want to see all the work you’ve uploaded, not pieces you hand pick.

I only have a few posters, is it worth me submitting?

Yes. Although having lots of posters will help us see how you’ve developed, We will critique all portfolios equally, whether you’ve uploaded 5 or 500 posters.

I entered last year, can I enter again?

Yes. Even though you entered last year you can enter again, we are looking at how your work has progressed over 2018. Even if you placed in the top 10, there’s no reason why you can’t win this year.

How to Submit
Send an email to portfolioreview@posterspy.com with your full name and PosterSpy profile URL. i.e www.posterspy.com/profile/yourusername/ OR fill out the form at the bottom of this page.



Please read the full terms and conditions before submitting your portfolio.

Have a question? Please email portfolioreview@posterspy.com and we’ll try to get back to you asap.


The Judges

Grzegorz Domaradzki Grzegorz Domaradzki Bartosz Kosowski Bartosz Kosowski Joshua Budich Joshua Budich
Karl Fitzgerald Karl Fitzgerald Chris Thornley (Raid71) Chris Thornley (Raid71) Michelle Gardiner Michelle Gardiner

Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki, aka ”Gabz” (born 1979). Graphic designer, creator of posters and illustrations, art and cinema enthusiast. Graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, where he lives and creates. Apart from illustrations (both press and portrait), Gabz has been creating alternative posters for various blockbusters of world cinematography. His screen prints decorate the houses of collectors all over the world, and his work has gained a large group of dedicated fans.

Bartosz Kosowski

Bartosz Kosowski is a poster artist based in Lodz, Poland. Bartosz was educated at Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Dealing mostly with posters, portraits and editorial illustrations, he has been lucky enough to create award winning posters for numerous films and has cooperated with such clients as Legendary Pictures, Apple, Canal +, Orange, ING, “The New Yorker”, “The Economist” “The New Republic”, “The Hollywood Reporter”, “Smithsonian”, “Chicago Magazine”, “Politico” and “Newsweek”.

Joshua Budich

Joshua Budich is an independent illustrator working for numerous galleries, including Gallery 1988, Spoke Art and Hero Complex Gallery, movie studios, and media outlets around the globe. Inspired by a love for the pop culture of his youth, his primary focus is on screenprints that celebrate popular movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, The Big Lebowski), television series (LOST, MARVEL’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), animated shows (The Simpsons, My Neighbor Totoro, AKIRA) and more.

Karl Fitzgerald

Karl Fitzgerald is an illustrator living and working in London. He specialises in screen printed alternative movie posters and book covers with a focus on characters and their relationship to their environment. Karl uses a mixture of digital and traditional processes to create a heavily textured, atmospheric painting of a key scene from the narrative. Clients include Lucasfilm, Legendary, Warner Bros., SXSW, Vice Press and more.


Chris Thornley aka Raid 71 is a commercial artist based in Scotland, United Kingdom. Raid71 specialises in screen printed posters and creates both commercial and private commission work on a regular basis. Select clients include Hasbro, X-Games, Mercedes, Marve, Popular Mechanics, Lego, X-Box, Nikon and many more.

Michelle Gardiner

Michelle is the Executive Vice President of Creative Partnership, with over 20 years of experience in the creative industry Michelle has worked on some of the biggest properties of our time. Established in 1979, Creative Partnership has an unrivalled legacy in international film marketing


We’re delighted to have such a talent packed judging panel. Our judges have years of experience in their craft and have all worked on some incredible projects for some of the world’s biggest brands and properties. The chance to receive portfolio critique from these artists is a great opportunity to have your work seen and commented on by some of today’s finest working artists and figureheads in the movie poster and pop culture community.

The Awards

We’re delighted to be able to award the top 3 portfolios with the below prizes to help them progress in their careers.

We’re offering over £2500 worth of prizes thanks to our sponsors Wacom, ViewSonic and Astute Graphics.



1st Place

Wacom Cintiq 13 Pro
Viewsonic 27″ 4K Monitor (VP2768-4K)
Astute Graphics Elite Bundle

2nd Place

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
Astute Graphics Draw, Core or Effects Bundle

3rd Place

Wacom Intuos Art Medium
Astute Graphics VectorScribe

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