End of Year Portfolio Review 2017

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Over 200 portfolios were submitted to be considered for the End of Year Portfolio reviews and after looking over hundreds of pieces of work, we finally decided on our top 10. With the help of judges Matt Ferguson, Tracie Ching, Dan Mumford, Paul Shipper, Kyle Lambert and Tony Harmer 10 artists were selected from the PosterSpy community. The top 3 will receive over $3000 in special awards, including a Wacom Cintiq for the first place winner, 1 years Adobe CC Membership and the Elite plugin package from Astute Graphics. All 10 artists will receive a critique document from the judges, who have given advice and tips for improving their work.

How artists were chosen

We created a strict criteria that each individual portfolio was judged on, including the use of composition, colour, typography and other important elements in poster design. Once each profile was judged, we tallied all the scores. The artists with the most votes made the top 10.

First Place

Aurelio Lorenzo



Aurelio has a really nice illustrated style that isn’t too complicated or fussy. Great use of composition and colour. I also like how the artist uses similar colour palette throughout the portfolio, it makes it a nice cohesive representation of work.Matt Ferguson


Second Place

Darya Shnykina



Immediately upon viewing your page I fell in love with your style. It reminds me of some of my favorite old book covers, but what caught me most was its uniqueness. Very often we think movie posters must be Struzan-esque in style and floating heads in composition. Your work brings something new – beautiful and refinedTracie Ching


Third Place

David Graham




Very refreshing take on lots of great properties. Sometimes simply done, but incredibly effective. Theres a real knowledge and depth to the way everything in this portfolio has been created. Simple ideas can be the hardest to execute, and in reality not that simple, but David has done it repeatedly in his portfolio. I can’t help but smile at some of the incredible ways he has used everyday items or visuals to mean something else. Very smart work all roundDan Mumford



Scott Buoncristiano




Scott’s strong graphical style lends itself to the subjects he has chosen to illustrate. Lots of glorious detail and great use of composition too.Paul Shipper



Tomasz Majewski




With Tomasz’ portfolio I can instantly see what he wants to achieve with his work. He has an aesthetic and style already dialled in with just 8 posters. Beautifully executed renderings with subtle use of colour where needed. They have a hand made feel to them as well, which is a texture sorely lacking in a lot of modern poster work.Dan Mumford



Ignacio RC




I am particularly fond of Ignacio’s more retro looking work in his portfolio – it is very strong in composition and easy to read which is always important to me, his finish is fantastic and I can imagine his work in the real world.Paul Shipper


Tom Coupland




Texture and color, Complexity and simplicity. These are the things that had me sighing happily through each piece. I especially loved moving from Three Billboards, to Suburbicon, to Preacher. Each of them so gorgeously detailed but not overwhelming. The flow of each is lovely, moving from the lead subject, to the great type, and then spreading into the detailed landscapes to find little surprises.Tracie Ching



Scott Saslow




Scott’s portfolio contains an impressive amount of well designed posters with a professional level of finish. There’s a wide range of techniques that are appropriately selected for each subject. There are many examples of really creative uses of typography and a clear understanding of color. I like how the pieces don’t rely on depicting actual images from the movies and a more symbolic approach is taken.Kyle Lambert

Pete Lloyd



Pete’s work instantly grabbed me with his use of wonderful colour palettes and interesting compositions. It’s a small portfolio, but I think each piece has great qualities that make them stand out. The type is carefully implemented, the colours are carefully chosen and theres some great use of light and shadow. Dan Mumford

Lon Chan




I think if I had to pick one word to describe your work it would be ‘bold’. Whether that means the bright and strong contrast of colors, or the steep perspective of the composition, it is work that is hard to ignore. I particularly enjoyed the perspective and blue-print quality of High Rise and the movement in your Red Bull poster. I think the more you combine dynamic movement with your bold style, the stronger your illustrations will get.Tracie Ching


Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who submitted their portfolios, it was really astonishing looking through all the incredible talent on display and we’re very lucky here at PosterSpy to have such a brilliant and creative community.

We’ll be looking to do the End of Year reviews again next year, so be sure to keep creating and sharing your work with the PosterSpy community. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with other creative opportunities.

The Judges

Matt Ferguson Matt Ferguson Dan Mumford Dan Mumford Tracie Ching Tracie Ching
Paul Shipper Paul Shipper Kyle Lambert Kyle Lambert Tony Harmer Tony Harmer

We want to say a huge thanks to our judging panel who took the time to critique the portfolios and give feedback for the top 10. All of the judges have created some stunning work over their careers. To get expert advice from them is absolutely invaluable. We hope the advice given will help to aid the top 10 artists during the next steps of their careers.

The Awards

Below are the awards we will be giving the top 3 portfolios.

We’re delighted to be able to offer these thanks to our sponsors Adobe, Wacom and Astute Graphics.



1st Place awarded to Aurelio Lorenzo

Wacom Cintiq 13 Pro
1/yr Adobe CC subscription
Astute Graphics Elite Bundle

2nd Place awarded to Darya Shnykina

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
1/yr Adobe CC subscription
Astute Graphics VectorScribe

3rd Place awarded to David Graham

Wacom Intuos Art Medium
1/yr Adobe CC subscription
Astute Graphics VectorScribe

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