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Poster Spy was launched in Feb 2013 and the website was developed in summer 2014. Poster Spy is managed by Jack Woodhams and developed by Ciprian Popescu. We’re a two-man team hoping to bring you a website dedicated to alternative poster art, whilst giving you the features from some of the biggest websites on the web, websites that have 1000’s of members of staff and funding to help with advertising, promotion and more. Unfortunately we have neither of those, so (at the moment) we rely on donations and contributions.

We are grateful for all contributions, thank you.

£15 can keep Poster Spy running for one month.

£150 can keep Poster Spy running for a whole year.

£200 can keep Poster Spy running for a whole year + enable us to advertise.

All donations help enormously.

Check out our update release notes to see the features we’ve been able to add because of your donations: