Design a Poster for Pop Up Screens



The Artwork will be used primarily on the flip side of the A5 cocktail menu every person receives with their cocktails.  
It will have all their contact details on as we get a lot of media, advertising, agency types at our screenings.  The artwork will also be used at A1 size during the screening, projected on the screen and used across our marketing channels.  It will be seen by our 4300+ twitter followers, 3000+ Facebook fans and 12000+ mailing list.  There should be around 175 people at each screening.
We will make the print available to purchase too and any sales made will be split 50/50 with the winning artist.  

The artwork must feature

  • The 5 films we’re showing (The Big Lebowski, Anchorman, Cocktail, The Goonies and When Harry Met Sally). 
  • Pop Up Screens (, the heading ‘Speakeasy’, the subheading ‘movies and cocktails’ and the dates March 13, 14 & 15.
  • A second version of the artwork with just the heading and sub heading on that we can attempt to sell.


Submit your entry by March 1st 2015


Simply create an account and upload your entry to our website. Title your entry ‘Piece name – Pop Up Screens’ i.e ‘Poster – Pop Up Screens’. Add your entry to the ‘Pop Up Screens Competition’ Category when uploading. 


4 tickets to a screening of your choice and a big bucket of booze!
The Tickets – 4 tickets are worth £88.  If the winner is not in London then they can give their winnings to someone else.  (Pop Up Screens won’t pay for accommodation or transport costs associated with attending the screening)
Bucket of booze – the winner can pick one of the films we’re showing and I’ll send them all the ingredients and equipment they’ll need to make the cocktails at home.  For example with the big lebowski you’d get bottles of vodka and kahlua, espresso, vanilla syrup, milk and vanilla milkshake so you can make the 3 cocktails we’re featuring.

ABOUT POP UP SCREENSlarge-logo-white

Pop Up Screens is a pop up cinema that specialises in outdoor screening, but when it’s too cold to be outside we go 
indoors to try and do interesting things.  At Halloween we scare people, at Christmas we throw snow at them and in March we’re going to get them tipsy!  We’ve been running for 4 years and are always looking to make things better and prettier, so hopefully some pretty artwork will tick both those boxes.