Creative Brief: Create an illustrated poster for Wind River
Submissions Open August 10th 2017 - September 7th 2017 BST
Time left: Closed
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Winning Entry

Wind River

by Tom Coupland


STX and PosterSpy are inviting you to create an alternative poster for their upcoming thriller, WIND RIVER.

Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan (Hell or Highwater, Sicario), this stark and thrilling drama looks at the mysterious death of a young girl in the middle of Wind River, a Native American reservation in Wyoming. The cast includes Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Gil Birmingham and Jon Bernthal.

The Story:

WIND RIVER follows U.S. Fish & Wildlife agent CORY LAMBERT as he is forced to confront his past when he joins a rookie FBI agent in a quest to solve a murder on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

Cory Lambert discovers a body in the rugged wilderness of the Wind River Indian Reservation. The situation is eerily similar to the death of his own daughter. The FBI sends rookie agent JANE BANNER to investigate. A Florida native, Jane is completely unprepared for the oppressive weather and isolation that is the essence of winter in Wyoming, and the extreme difficulties it places of the investigation. She employs Cory as a guide and tracker to assist her.

Together, they venture deep into a world ravaged by violence and the elements. While Jane is compelled to rely more on her instincts than her education, Cory is forced to confront emotions buried years ago as the possibility of solving not only this murder, but also the disappearance of his daughter, unfolds before him.

WIND RIVER is a stark look at life on the edge of the largest wilderness in the lower 48, where the rule of law is eclipsed by the laws of nature. Jane will be forced to face her greatest weaknesses as a search for answers becomes a fight for survival. For Cory, he must overcome his deepest fear to achieve his quest for redemption.

Design Tips:

The winning entries will be judged by STX who will be looking for designs that are creative in showcasing the beauty and underlying bleakness of this vast snow scape.


STX are looking for illustrated posters, photos provided are to be used for reference only. Please reference the trailer to look at the themes, colour palette and storyline.

The poster must be A2 300dpi. Please upload a web friendly RGB JPEG or PNG file.

Please use the hashtag #WindRiverArt when sharing/posting your artwork on social media. You may enter more than once. Please avoid using photo comps and re-creating the original key art.

Dates to remember:

This Creative Brief is open from Thursday 10th August to Midnight Thursday 7th September 2017. This contest is open to worldwide entrants.

You may enter more than once.


The winning entry will receive £750.

There will be an additional community prize of £250 awarded for the most love on the site.

STX will promote the winner’s art on their social channels.

How to enter:

All you have to do is create an account with us and upload your poster to the ‘Wind River’ category via our submission form.



How many submissions can I upload?

You may upload as many submissions as you like, there’s no cap.

Do I keep the rights to my art?

When submitting, you allow STX and PosterSpy to share your work on social media to promote the campaign, but that’s it. All rights stay with you. STX are not permitted to use your artwork commercially without permission.

Can I sell prints of my submission?

Legally, you are NOT allowed to sell prints that use another companies intellectual property. Sell at your own risk.

If I win, how long does it take for me to get my prize money?

Typically 8-12 weeks. This can be much shorter or longer depending on when we receive your information.



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    The winner will receive £750. One runner up chosen by the community will receive £250. The Community choice is based on the most loves from our community. However to prevent users from exploiting this system only active accounts from the PosterSpy community will be accepted. Inactive or spam accounts will not be counted.
    Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. The cash prize will be sent to the winner via Bank transfer if living in the UK or via PayPal if outside the UK.
    Payment may take up to 8 weeks to be processed. Entrants must submit original art that follow the provided brief. No copyrighted material may be used.
    Not complying to these conditions might result in exclusion from the contest and your entries being removed.
    All submitted artwork copyrights remain with the artist.
    STX or PosterSpy are given the exclusive right to share artwork without prior permission from the artist to help promote the campaign and release of Wind River.
    PosterSpy retains the right to remove any entries that could be considered offensive, damaging to the property or go against the T&C’s set out above.