Instagram Hackers Targeting Artists – How to Spot a Hacker & Secure Your Account

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Over the past week, a large number of artists have lost access to their Instagram accounts via a popular messaging scam.

The scam often starts like this (and I know because this is the message I received, I almost cooperated!)

These messages often come from accounts that have mutual followers. But their accounts will often be private, so you can’t see they’ve been hacked.

This account had “Design lead @ Netflix” on the bio as well as mutual followers. This can help legitimise the scam and can convince you to help them.

If you receive any kind of message like this DO NOT engage. Block the account immediately. If you think the account that has messaged you is genuine, then simply apologise and explain that you do not help users get their accounts back as it could make your own account vulnerable.

Use 2FA to secure your account

We also recommend adding 2FA to your account, 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication is built into Instagram and it will require a text message or authentication app to be used in order to access your account.

Many artists have spent years building their online following, for it to be taken away in an instant by these malicious hackers. Be careful out there folks.

Jack Woodhams

Founder of PosterSpy.