Art Challenge: Time and Space (Closed)

We’re kicking off our Challenge series with a very simple theme, Time and Space. Your challenge, to create a poster that encapsulates your idea / definition of Time and Space, you could take this very literally and create a poster for a space travel program, or create something entirely abstract. You are allowed to use movies, video games, music and any media as inspiration, so if this encourages you to finally make that poster for Interstellar, so be it.


Your art work must contain some reference to Time & Space (your definition of it).

You may only use 3 colours in your piece (including shades of that colour).

If you want to use photographic imagery, we recommend Unsplash.

Your upload must include Time and Space Challenge in the title.

Please upload a JPEG RGB file via our simple drag and drop uploader.

Upload your artwork by May 31st 2021.


A selection of our favourites will be showcased on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter social channels.

Why take part?

This is not a competition and is simple a creative exercise, PosterSpy challenges will be regular events that will aim to inspire you to create artwork based on themes and certain specifications. Creative exercises like this are a great way to get experience following briefs, support a community and of course, improve and experiment with your own work.

Inspiration through music

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