Invite our incredible community to create stunning artwork for yours.

PosterSpy Creative Briefs are a fantastic way to engage your community and fans, whilst inviting ours to participate in a real life brief and offer incredible incentives and opportunities.

Studios we work with

Recent Briefs


Universal Pictures UK invited artists to create poster for Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy. Over 150 stunning posters were submitted. The winner was chosen by Panos Cosmatos and received £1000, the runner up received £500.

AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead

AMC invited artists to submit art for Fear The Walking Dead Season 4. The focus of this brief was to include Morgan, a favourite from The Walking Dead. AMC awarded 6 winners with $1000 and 2 winner paid trips to Los Angeles, USA.

Blade Runner 2049

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment invited the PosterSpy community to create either static or motion posters for Blade Runner 2049. The first brief to allow motion posters, over 340 posters were submitted.


To celebrate the release of IT on DVD and Blu-ray, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment invited the PosterSpy community to create art for the hugely successful IT. Over 200 posters were submitted.

How does it work?

Create a Brief

Write a brief inviting our artists to create art for your film, tv show, video game or any other kind of media. We’ll give you info and guidelines for this.

We invite our artists

We will invite our user base of thousands of poster artists to participate in your brief. Engaging fans from all continents and skill levels.

Receive great artwork!

Receive incredible artwork that you can share with fans. A fantastic way to engage your audience whilst offering exciting opportunities to ours.

Incentives and Opportunities

Cash rewards

All of our Creative Briefs offer cash incentives. Why? Because we believe that if an artist is chosen by you, they should be fairly rewarded for their incredible work. Some artists spend days even weeks on their submissions. It’s only fair.


You could also opt for PosterSpy to display the artwork submitted to the Creative Brief through an exhibit and/or experiential event. We’re partnered with Experience12, a brilliant events agency who know how to put on an incredible show.

Portfolio Reviews

Talent involved? Why not have the talent review the winner’s submission to the brief. Artists value feedback, especially from industry professionals. If a film’s director or cast member can give a small piece of feedback it’s always appreciated.

Questions? Get in touch!


How long does a Creative Brief last?

Typically Creative Briefs last between 3-4 weeks. However, we’ve ran successful briefs that only spanned as little as 5 days in the past.

How do you promote the brief?

We share the brief across all of our social platforms (Over 30,000 total followers) as well as a newsletter that goes directly to all artists registered on

Can we use the artwork commercially?

Yes and no. You are allowed to use the artwork to promote the brief and to promote your media. However, you are not allowed to use the artwork commercially on print, packaging, web and digital media. This must be organised between yourselves and the artist. Typically, artists retain 100% copyright of their work.

Alternatively, you may add a condition to the brief, enabling you to use the art for a commercial purpose. However increased cash incentives will be required.

How quick can the brief go live?

Upon confirmation of us running a brief with you, a Creative Brief can go live within 2-3 days provided we are not committed to any other projects during that time. We aim to get all briefs live when you want them to be.

Can you host an event for us?

Yes. We have done events in the past, our most recent was for The Evil Within 2 with Bethesda. We attend the events, staff them and promote the event via social media. We can also provide professional photos and videos of the event.



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