Art matters. Community matters.

PosterSpy was built on the belief that art matters. Look around you right now, seriously look around. We bet there's some art near you. Art that makes you smile, laugh, even cry. Art matters and here at PosterSpy we believe in doing everything we can to support artists, which includes making art more visible. We love to host awesome events, exhibits and promote artists in every way we can, we'd love you to join us on that journey.

Launched in 2013 as a blog PosterSpy soon developed into a full online showcase platform once we realised that there was no single website that allowed artists to share their posters and only posters. Other, much bigger art showcase platforms were becoming saturated with irrelevant content. We wanted to create an easy to access, visually impactful website whilst building a secure and fun community. We believe we've done that. PosterSpy now has thousands of artists registered, from all over the world. Over 14,000 posters have been uploaded since the website's launch in 2014.

Our community matters.



is the creative hub for poster designers worldwide. Share. Explore. Get Inspired.

With hundreds of artists signed up, PosterSpy is the largest online gallery of poster art for movies, tv shows, video games, music and more.