Portfolio Contest 2019 Top 10

Chosen from 100’s of submissions from artists around the globe, placing in the top 10 isn’t an easy feat. Typically, the top 10 portfolios would be exhibited at an annual event in London, however due to the coronavirus pandemic, this had to be postponed.

We were absolutely delighted to receive so many portfolios from artists who use our platform and we hope to see more of your work over 2020 and in the future.

From Monday 29th June – Friday 3rd July and from Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July we will be sharing the Top 10 across our social media as well as listing the Top 10, including the 3 primary winners here.

We hope you join us in 2021 to see the incredible work showcased below at our event where you’ll also have the opportunity to network with other artists in the poster art community and attend workshops.

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The Prizes for 1st Place

A Zavvi Gallery Commission!
Zavvi will be commissioning the winner with 1 limited edition licensed print which will then be sold on the Zavvi Gallery store. Artists will also receive a number of artist proofs to sell at events and on their own stores.*

*An Officially Licenced Print commission with Zavvi Gallery.
Collaborate with the zavvi gallery team to produce an official print to be sold on the Zavvi Gallery site. Choose your favourite property from a list with the likes of Universal, Sony, Warner, Hasbro and more. As well as payment for the commission, you'll be given a small run of Artist Prints.

VP2785-2K Monitor
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Wacom Cintiq Pro 16
Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 offers our latest Wacom Pro Pen 2 and screen technology – and more space to connect to your work. Whether you work on Mac or PC, Wacom Cintiq Pro is our most advanced creative pen display, built for professional artists and designers.

Hire an Illustrator 1yr Membership
Worth over £200, we’ve teamed up with Hire an Illustrator to offer the winner a 1 year membership. Hire an Illustrator offers general advice to freelancers with regards to contracts, pricing and promotion. They also actively promote members and connect them with potential clients directly and in-directly.

Runner up Prizes

2nd Place will be awarded

  • A Wacom Intuos Pro M (RRP £275)
  • Work Exhibited in London

3rd Place will be awarded

  • A Wacom Intuos Pro S (RRP £190)
  • Work exhibited in London

Judging Panel

Sam Gilbey


Andy Fairhurst


Eileen Steinbach


Darren Di Lieto
Creative Director Hire an Illustrator


Jack Woodhams
Founder of PosterSpy


Portfolio Contest 1st Place

Yvan Quinet

Yvan started his freelance illustrator career only ten years ago. Since childhood Yvan loved to draw but did not intend to work as an illustrator full time because the opportunities in Switzerland were scarce.

So instead, Yvan studied engineering and worked in watchmaking until he was 30 years old. During all these years he continued to draw in his spare time and as a huge fan of comics, manga and cinema, he finally made the decision to change his life and enter the world of freelance illustration.

At first, thanks to the rise of the internet, Yvan was able to get small illustration jobs, mainly private commissions and some small startups. Over time Yvan specialized in science fiction because it’s his favorite genre. Later, a little over a year ago, Yvan discovered the art of the alternative movie poster.

Yvan immediately started collecting a lot of posters and after the advice of his friends he started making posters for his own enjoyment.
This art form allowed Yvan to combine his two biggest passions, drawing and cinema. After posting several of his works he was contacted by Hero Complex Gallery to work with them on several posters.

Yvan grew up and was raised by films which over time became cult classics, films like Big Trouble in Little China, Terminator and Die Hard.
His favorite directors are John Carpenter, John McTiernan, James Cameron, William Friedkin, Paul Verhoeven and Steven Spielberg.

Yvan Quinet will be awarded a Zavvi Gallery Commission, a Wacom 16 Pro, Viewsonic VP2785-2K Professional Monitor and a 1yr membership to Hire an Illustrator.

Yvan Quinet on PosterSpy.com

Portfolio Contest 2nd

Ben Harman

Ben Harman is an accidental illustrator. He studied art and design throughout school and college and painting was his bread and butter. The only issue he had was it took too damn long so from there he got into photography. 1/1000th of a second to have a finished piece? Now that was ideal.

He studied it at university and learnt a lot about lighting and composition, but his ideas were too ambitious for his budget. The only way he could create the images he wanted to was by illustrating them instead. And from there he started all over again.

Ben got into pop-cultural illustration purely by chance. He does work full-time (nothing related to art or design) and he was producing a lot of his own conceptual art and graphic design when he was approached about 3 years ago to create a poster for Jurassic Park. Naturally he jumped at the chance, it’s his favourite film, who wouldn’t.

This turned out to be his first officially licensed piece and from there he had the bug (don’t worry, he’s not contagious). He has since had the opportunity to produce work for some of his favourite films, more notably an illustration for the first official Stranger Things book, Suspicious Minds.

From there he started being asked to produce artwork for movies he had not seen and games he had not played. If anything, this made it a lot more fun – the research element involved along with the pressure to live up to, in some cases, life-long fans of the subject is a challenge he welcomes. Not only is it incredibly fun, he gets to explore avenues he would never have taken before.

Ben Harman will receive a Wacom Intuos Pro M

Ben Harman on PosterSpy.com

Portfolio Contest 3rd

Maria Ku

Maria Ku is a graphic designer and illustrator hailing from Moscow, Russia, with a passion for handlettering and all things pop culture. She finds herself working best when her skills in design, illustration and lettering are all engaged in the project, which is why posters are such an attractive art form for her.

Maria got into cinema in her early twenties, while studying for an unrelated major at college. It was a late love, but very strong. She would consume movies indiscriminately: from genre flicks and obscure oddities to mainstream cinema and old classics.

Films, in turn, led her down the rabbit hole of fanart, artbooks and professional concept art. Soon, Maria wanted not only to browse, but to emulate: the more she consumed, the more she wanted to draw, and the more she drew, the more she fell in love with drawing. It was a self-perpetuating cycle that finally made her finally decide on a career path.

By a lucky turn of events, when Maria graduated (with that completely unrelated degree), a large IT company hired her as an in-house graphic designer. It was a starter position that her skill level was barely good enough for, but they trusted her, and it was a huge confidence boost — and a foot in the door.

Since then, Maria hasn’t looked back. She’s worked for movie festivals (SUBTITLE and Moscow Irish Film Festival), contributed to zines and artbooks (among them the Firefly artbook from Titan Books and Printed In Blood, coming out later this year) and illustrated a couple of editorials (for VICE and the Washington Post).

In her spare time, Maria enjoys drawing (for non-work reasons), movies, travelling, and volunteering at a dog shelter.

Ben Harman will receive a Wacom Intuos Pro S

Maria Ku on PosterSpy.com

Portfolio Contest Top 10

Graham Corcoran

Graham Corcoran is an illustrator and animation art director from Dublin, Ireland. Graham has always had a love for illustration & design, and after studying 2D & 3D animation at college, Graham went on to develop his unique textured. graphic style over the next 15 years. He took his inspiration from his love of the classic mid-century designers & illustrators of the 1950’s and 60’s. In recent years, he has specialised in creating pop-culture illustrations, portraying classic & cult movie and television series.

These illustrations have been exhibited at multiple exhibitions at Gallery1988, Gallery Nucleus, The Bottleneck Gallery, and White Space Chelsea.

Graham’s artwork has also been showcased in pop-culture art books such as ‘The Art of Being Bill: Bill Murray and the Many Faces of Awesome’ and ‘Total Geek-Art – An Anthology Of Pop Culture Artists’. In 2019 Graham illustrated his first children’s book, ‘Dare To Dream – Irish People Who Took On The World And Won’ written by Sarah Webb. ‘Dare To Dream’ was nominated for a 2019 An Post Irish Book Award, in the ‘Best Irish-Published Book’ category.

His second illustrated children’s book; ‘A Turkey In The White House’ will be published by Scholastic in Spring 2020. Graham’s commercial illustration work has seen him work for a wide range of clients such as The Irish Times, The UN Human Rights Council, Cara Magazine and Paper Culture.

As an art director in the animation industry Graham has designed several hit animated television series including ‘Garth & Bev’ for Cbeebies, ‘Wildernuts’ for RTE and ‘Kiva Can Do’ for Nick Jr. Graham works from his home studio in Dublin where he lives with his wife Nicole and their lovely ginger cat Ruby.

Graham Corcoran on PosterSpy.com

Portfolio Contest Top 10

Ignacio RC

Ignacio Roberto Cotelo Rodríguez aka “Ignacio RC”, is a self-taught illustrator from A Coruña, Spain. Drawing from a young age, Ignacio loved exploring the video store near to his home where he’d often admire the VHS artwork and movie posters on display.

During his teens, Ignacio steered away from art and focused on music where he was a drummer in several rock bands which took up the majority of his free time.

Returning to drawing in his thirtees, he took an interest in portraiture, soon realising that his true passion was making pop culture artwork, that’s when he discovered his interest in making his own movie posters.

Ignacio has been creating alternative movie posters since 2016. Since then, apart from privately comissioned work, I’ve been lucky to create officially licensed prints for Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox and also illustrated the official poster for a spanish film.

Ignacio’s work has been exhibited in galleries including Hero Complex, Gallery 1988 and Bottleneck gallery as well as at conventions such as Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Inspired by artists such as Drew Struzan, Hugh Fleming, Paul Mann and Steve Chorney, to name a few, Ignacio’s work attempts to combine atmosphere with painterly textures. His work often explores new visual styles and utilises different brushes, but he always looks to create clear and striking compositions.

Ignacio RC on PosterSpy.com

Portfolio Contest Top 10

17th & Oak

17th & Oak has been putting pencil to paper for as long as he can remember, drawing whatever his mind could muster up. Creativity comes as naturally to him as breathing so there was no doubt that he would one day become an artist.
After spending 10 years building up a wealth of industry experience as a Graphic Designer he decided to change his creative direction and focus on fulfilling the dream of becoming a freelance Illustrator.

His illustrative journey started in 2017 with a commission from Universal Pictures. The job was to illustrate three posters to be used in the marketing of ‘The Fast and the Furious’ movie franchise.

Since then 17th & Oak has had the good fortune to be able to work on a diverse range of exciting projects from editorial art to movie posters to book covers with a wide variety of international clients including Disney, Warner Bros, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Universal Pictures, Total Film and Empire Magazine to name a few.

Each piece of artwork created is rooted in capturing a moment in time and telling a story with dramatic effect. This is accomplished by mixing a unique illustrative style with the oodles of design knowledge acquired over the years.

Each piece is always strives for the WOW factor by incorporating heavy perspective, strong composition and detail that will make you look twice. Being a lover of typography, it is often incorporated into the art in distinctive and original ways.

Wondering where the name ‘17th & Oak’ came from? It was his address when he spent a year living in Vancouver, Canada. A pivotal point of 17th & Oak’s life as that’s where he decided to follow his creative dream.

17th & Oak on PosterSpy.com

Portfolio Contest Top 10

Adam Stothard

Adam is a UK illustrator based in the artistically vibrant city of Bristol. Having never truly grown up, his design inspiration comes from a long-standing obsession with comic and film. With his trusty Wacom pen, Adam uses dramatic composition and a bold palette to capture the magic of pop culture. Working in the commercial design industry for over a decade, his work, since venturing into poster illustration, has appeared in print campaigns for film and television.

In 2017 Adam discovered PosterSpy and its talented community of artists. It was the encouragement given by people like Jack and the Poster Spy community that inspired him to keep creating work based in popular culture. In late 2018 he was invited to join esteemed art collective, The Poster Posse, joining the ranks of some of the great artists whose works have had a major influence on his own.

Being shortlisted in PosterSpy’s 2019 Portfolio Review, offers the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the highlights of the last year. 2019 was a stand-out year for Adam, opening with his first two official posters for Disney, in Tim Burton’s Dumbo and Pixar’s Toy Story 4, in collaboration with the Poster Posse. Later that year he worked with Disney again, on four posters for the latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise, The Rise of Skywalker. Each of these movies hold a place very close to Adam’s heart and working on them was without doubt a true career highlight. During 2019 Adam also worked with 20th Century Fox on two posters for their buddy comedy Stuber, starring Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista, and for the D-Box exclusive poster for Terminator Dark Fate.

In addition to his work in the field of movie posters, Adam’s illustrations have also featured in books and on packaging. Working with toy manufacture NECA, his artwork was used for the packaging of the Pan’s Labyrinth Ofelia action figure; a part of their Guillermo Del Toro Signature Collection. He worked with Second Sight Film on their limited edition release of the movie Upgrade, starring Logan Marshall-Green, and his artwork appeared in the book Visions from the Upside Down: Stranger Things Artbook, by Printed In Blood.
Entering 2020, Adam continues to create new and exciting work in the fields of film and popular culture.

Adam Stothard on PosterSpy.com

Portfolio Contest Top 10

Ksenia Lanina

Ksenia Lanina is a Concept and Cinematic Artist, Illustrator and Architect post-graduate student.

After finishing her Final Master Project, Ksenia decided to continue her professional artistic career abroad, an adventure that enriched her both professionally and personally. Currently Ksenia is working as a Freelance Concept Artist.

Ksenia’s artworks (whether it be an illustration or creating a storyboard) always relate to the cinema industry and the world of cinema in general.

Ksenia is passionate about the power of visual arts and the development of a new visual language associated with cinema and art as much as she is interested in architecture and design as a craft.

Ksenia Lanina on PosterSpy.com

Portfolio Contest Top 10

Sister Hyde

Come gather ‘round the campfire and let me tell you the legend of the designer and illustrator, Drusilla Adeline, better known as Sister Hyde. Folks ‘round these parts tell tale that she originates from a place in the Americas known as Indiana. Others say Florida, some even say she hails from a distant nation in Europe. Scholars debate the year of her birth, but it is speculated that she is somewhere between 22 and 176 years of age.

Though, records confirm that in the early 21st century she journeyed west across the Americas, as far as the roads would take her, ending in the City of Angels. It was there that her lifelong love of moving pictures and design became intertwined.

She found work as a lead in-house designer, conquered an entire calendar year of original fan posters, one designed per diem, and ventured into the wide unknown of freelancing. In this wild terrain, she designed original posters and artwork for theatrical one sheets, blu-rays, records, and more.
Her clients have included The Criterion Collection, Paramount, Kino Lorber, 88 Films Ltd., Altered Innocence, Toei Films, and Waxwork Records, among others.

And she’s still there to this very day. Freelancing for clients and agencies as they come. They say that you can even occasionally catch a glimpse of her on a moonlit night, not unlike tonight, working to beat back the dawn, somewhere in Southern California. The sound of post-punk and new wave records off in the distance, bright blonde hair and a black shall blowing in the warm winds.

Sister Hyde on PosterSpy.comSisterhydedesign.com

Portfolio Contest Top 10

Bella Grace

Bella Grace is a UK based digital illustrator who studied Digital Film & Screen Arts at University. Her work focuses on conceptual foundations illustrated through composition, colour and texture. Her aim is to create a piece which portrays both the conceptual and aesthetic qualities of a story. Bella loves the immersive quality of movies, how they enrich and offer momentary escape to reality.

Exploring film production, editing and cinematography helped Bella understand more about the film industry, and appreciate the immense amount of work and collaboration it requires. She went on to explore digital illustration whilst working as a graphic designer on the Isle of Wight for 3 years. Having gained skills for editorial, branding, and print design, Bella gained another asset towards designing posters where illustration is not the sole element to the overall artwork.

Discovering alternative movie posters opened possibilities of working in the film industry from an entirely new perspective. Everything from movies, illustration to graphic communication all concluded in a single poster. Like the cinematic experience, it evoked emotion, passion and a sense of belonging. Some of Bella’s favourite artists include Matt Ferguson, Kilian Eng, Matt Taylor, Olly Moss, Drew Struzan, and Eileen Steinbach. The world of alternative movie posters has enabled Bella to combine her passion for art, movies and pop culture.

Bella started creating tribute pieces to showcase her work, entering Posterspy competitions which also revealed this fantastic artist community, also securing 2nd place in the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ competition. Bella was approached by the Poster Posse to contribute on their Passion Projects before being selected to join their art collective.

Currently, Bella is represented by the esteemed Poster Posse agency, and has worked on official projects with Disney, Lucasfilm Ltd and Dark Horse Comics variant cover artwork for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Bella Grace on PosterSpy.com

All 10 artists will be exhibited in London 2021!

2019 Event Recap

Bringing artists together

PosterSpy.com is all about community, that’s why for our End Of 2018 Portfolio Reviews we decided to put on a 2 day exhibition at The Old Street Gallery, London.

The exhibition took place from April 5th to April 6th 2019 and included industry talks with Doaly and Dan Mumford, a Q&A with the 1st place artist and lots of free pizza… (because everyone loves pizza).

Over 150 artists and fans attended the opening night and our industry talks were packed with both up and coming and emerging artists eager to learn from the pros.

The best thing about the event was bringing together artists from all over the UK.

Photos from the 2019 event

Photos © Nina Shaw 2019

Industry Talks

We invited artists Doaly and Dan Mumford to talk about their experience in the design industry, these talks aim to both inspire and educate emerging and professional artists alike.


Doaly is a UK based graphic designer and digital illustrator with a passion for story telling. His work is characterised by his conceptual approach to illustration and his ability to adapt his style to the most sympathetic to the subject matter.

Over the years he has created artwork for a wide range of clients including the BBC, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Film, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Wired and Sony Playstation.

Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator working in central London, UK.

Over the past 10 years, Dan has worked within the pop culture and music scene creating everything from album covers, branding and screenprint’s to new interpretations of classic film posters and albums.

Clients include Disney, Sony, Iron Maiden, Wizards of the Coast, Icon Motoports, CBS and many many bands and record labels from around the world.