6 Golden Globe Nominated Movies That Have Incredible Alternative Posters

The Oscars have and always will be the award ceremony I look forward to. I like the technical categories and the recognition that many people get for all the work that goes into the films of that year. Lately, it seems that people are tuning in for the Golden Globes more so than the “prestigious” Oscar ceremony. Why is that? Is it due to the fact that many of the award recipients are already all liquor’ed up before they get on the podium to receive their award, making for some entertaining acceptance speeches? Is it because there seems to be less drama surrounding the awards (I’m looking at you #OscarsSoWhite)? Or is it possibly due to the inclusion of television programming and the amazing movies and shows that are brought to us inside the comfort of our own homes?

Whether you like the Golden Globes or not, they definitely have a way of kicking of the awards season for film and television alike and help showcase the best of the best for the year. Yet, one category that seems to always get the snub is that of the marketing effort that goes into getting the word out about these films and/or television shows. Naturally, I’m looking more so at the poster art for these pictures, particularly the best picture nominees. The production companies behind these films spend a LOT of money hiring out advertising and marketing firms to produce these posters that garner our attention for months-on-end before the release of a film. Now I’m not here to say they’re all bad, but we continually see, through various social media channels, some amazing work produced by various artists around the world that should get more attention than that of the “real” movie posters. Without further ado – here are some that I think get the job done:

Sidenote: I’m not saying that the originals are bad – I’m just suggesting that maybe it’d be nice to see some original artwork be selected as the main movie poster rather than stuff we’ve all seen before.


Alternate poster by: SGPosters
twitter: @SG_Posters

Eileen is no stranger to the minimalist aesthetic and what she’s done with this one is fantastic. The subtle use of the KKK hats/cones as part of the hair pick was brilliant in my opinion and just makes you want to look at the poster even more.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Alternate poster by: Rico Jr
twitter: @RicoJrCrea

You learn to recognize certain styles after awhile and quite honestly, Rico is no exception. His work continues to impress and I love what he’s done with the ‘Q’ spotlight and the silhouette of Freddy in the background is different from the frontman in the light itself. Very slick.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Alternate poster by: Scott Saslow
twitter: @Saslow_Scott

This is one where I definitely don’t think the original poster is all that bad, but it doesn’t evoke the feeling I get when I look at the poster below by Scott. Her eyes, the lighting, the placement of the hand in this particular scene – it just begs me to want to know more, which every good poster should do.

Black Panther

Alternate poster by: Matt Taylor
twitter: @MattTaylorDraws

Ok, so there are a TON of great alternate movie posters for this film. I chose to go with one that somewhat pays homage to the original but in a much more dynamic way. Having the hero lunging forward, in the suit, was a great call. I also like how he gives the villain his due and allows him to be at the top and center of the piece. Then he finishes it all off with a Great Gatsby type feel with the gold/black overlay. Should I even go into the type treatment he did with the title?

The Favourite

Alternate poster by: Axel Rangel Garcia
twitter: @AxelRan

I’m a sucker for fun play with letters. The way that Axel has gone about with the lettering on this helps stir the emotion that the film brings. Throw in the upside down building followed up by the eye of actress Olivia Coleman looking through the ‘O’ right at the viewer and you’ve got a winner in my book.

Mary Poppins Returns

Alternate poster by: Adam Stothard
twitter: @AdStothard

The amount of detail that Adam crams into this piece is nothing short of miraculous. I’m not sure how many hours went into this, but I’m sure it was a lot, and it shows. I love how this captures not only the magic of the film but the whimsical nature of what you should expect from a story about Mary Poppins. Also, can I just give a shout out to him for the composition of this poster? My eyes wander around the art looking at everything from the doves, to the rooftops, to Mary looking so happy just sitting there, and all the way to the background of people floating amidst the orange fluffy clouds.

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