10 MORE Great (and Free) Fonts to Create Eye-catching and Exciting Designs

Over a year ago, we ran an article showcasing some fun and unique free typefaces to spice up your poster work. Today we offer you a sequel, with 10 more potential additions to your font collection.

Kawaru by KOBU Foundry

The bold and chunky Kawaru will make any title of yours stand out.

Language support: Latin
Download link: https://www.kobufoundry.com/fonts/kawaru/

Ryujin Attack by Jetsmax Studio
A trendy brush typeface whose carefree personality is at odds with the aggressive name.
Language support: Latin
Download link:  https://jetsmax.com/ryujin-attack/

Dwarven Stonecraft by Ksenia Petrova and SDFonts
Quirky, squarish, and warm, this feels like something that wouldn’t look out of place in a Pratchett novel.
Language support: Latin, Cyrillic
Download link: https://fontesk.com/dwarven-stonecraft-font/

Minenfeld by Michail Zhukov

Prickly and angular, this font works well for a retro look.

Language support: Latin, Cyrillic
Download link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/110428403/Minenfeld-Font

Homemade Apple by Font Diner

Many so-called handwritten fonts don’t look as if they’ve been anywhere near real pen and paper. Not so Homemade Apple, which may have come from your grandparents’ letter correspondence.

Language support: Latin

Download link: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Homemade+Apple

Sunshine Pro by Francesco Canovaro, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Solenn Bordeau

Created for feel-good vibes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an experimental Clarendon-style font with bold contrast.
Language support: Latin

Download link: https://www.zetafonts.com/sunshine-pro

Old Horror Films by ToughCrest Studio

Did old horror films actually use fonts like this? Hard to say, but the vibe is certainly there.

Language support: Latin, Cyrillic

Download link: https://fontesk.com/old-horror-films-font/

Calypso by Karyna Manukian

A contrasting typeface that’s sophisticated and bold at the same time, Calypso was inspired by the complexities of modern women. 

Language support: Latin, Cyrillic

Download link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/122648391/Calypso-Free-Elegant-Serif-Font

Space Cowgirl by Valery Marier

A quirky reverse contrast display font that comes in 6 weights, from Thin to Black.

Language support: Latin

Download link: https://fontesk.com/space-cowgirl-typeface/

Simple Square by Alexander Shimanov

Simple Square is simple and square, just as advertised. 

Language support: Latin, Cyrillic
Download link: https://fontesk.com/simple-square-font/


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